Luvanto Vinyl Flooring

by - 13 May

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We Just Love Luvanto

Among the many brands within the world of LVT, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is still among the most popular thanks in part to its various qualities that appeal to those looking to provide their home with personality.

Those qualities are not just the stunning realism it presents to your floor. Luvanto vinyl is extremely practical and comes with a range of exclusive designs that are very popular. 

Pounds in Your Pocket at the Start

What we love about Luvanto is its hassle-free design. Luvanto's Click Collection is manufactured with an innovative joint locking system that is swift and easy to lay within an afternoon.

Being of the easiest methods of flooring to install means that we are already sparing some pounds by not necessarily requiring a professional, and as an added pound saver simple vacuuming replaces purchasing expensive polishes and other speciality chemical solutions. So not only are you saving on the installation costs, you won't need to buy a cupboard full of high price solutions to keep your floor looking its best.

Great Layering

Whilst wear and tear can happen to all kinds of flooring, Luvanto Click offers up increased durability with a 0.5mm heavy wear layer. This increased thickness is complimented by Soundclick Underlay, deadening any loud noises that can disturb your working or relaxing day at home.

For those busy and fast-paced homes, accidents around the house are greatly reduced due to the high slip resistance of R10, so both young and elderly relatives will be safe from any potential injuries. 

Reinforced Properties

We all fear water could damage your floor in several instances, destroying your subfloor from years of damp soaking through the cracks. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, due to the high levels of water-resistance properties manufactured into the design, provides assurance of these highly durable planks and tiles not letting any water through to your floor.

To ensure any water does not seep through to the underlay level, Luvanto has perfected their resistance properties to maximum effect leaving your floor 100% protected. On the flip side, Luvanto flooring provides both a soft and warm presence to its top layer by being very comfortable underfoot and having a cushioned quality. For those seeking extra levels of warmth and comfort, Luvanto is a perfect companion to underfloor heating as the boards and tiles are not affected by temperature change.

With Luvanto’s warranty providing 25 years of protection for domestic floors, Luvanto leaves you with only a difficult question of which range to choose between. Discuss Luvanto Design and other ranges with your interior designer and the many benefits that it can provide for your home. 

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