Sort Out Your Home with These Super Storage Tips

by - 19 May

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It’s surprising how easily clutter creeps upon us. Over the last year, I think we’ve all wished for more space at home, or better storage, or both. Now things are opening up again, it’s a good time to take a second look at how we sort out and store the precious things we own. 

Fall in Love with Shelves

Open shelving is popular and fashionable right now, which is easy to tell from the range of styles and sizes available. With so much choice, you can match just about any decor style with ease. They help keep possessions attractively displayed and neat in every room in the house, even in the hallway.

  •   Match and blend with existing colours for unobtrusive display shelving.
  • Get creative, with narrow shelves fitted to the end of kitchen cabinets for an alternative spice rack, or beneath cabinets for canisters and jars.
  • Choose rustic styles or modern floating shelves.
  • Install low shelves in children’s rooms for favourite books or toys.
  • Put a shelf above the bathroom door for spare towels or as extra space for beauty or shower products.
  • Hang a shelf above coat pegs or hooks in a hallway, so you have somewhere to fold scarves, hats, or gloves.
  • Fit a shelf above your headboard for night-time reading materials and a lamp in place of a floor-standing side table.

Creative Storage Ideas

All houses have areas where you could get creative, whether it’s that seemingly useless space under the stairs or the area underneath kitchen cabinets that’s normally sealed off with fitted boards.

Under the cabinets, it’s possible to replace the fitted boards with doors so you can access the area. It doesn’t have much height, but it’s good for long, flat things like mops and brooms, or bats and racquets, even bakeware and roasting tins. You could also use it for shoe storage, or smaller garden hand tools to keep them all together without rooting around in the shed.

Wardrobes too, have more space than you think with a bit of adapting.

  • Add a second rail beneath the first for half-length clothes.
  • Install a plastic drawer tower for folded items or smalls and accessories.
  • Fit a rail inside the door for scarves, beads, belts, or ties.
  • Stick hooks to the back wall so you can hang bags behind your clothes.

Have a rethink about how you store clothes. Lots of people these days take a seasonal approach to their wardrobe, putting out of season items into self-storage until they’re needed again. It works for clothes, but also anything else with seasonal use such as garden furnishings or even storage for bulky luggage items. You can have freestanding rails or drawers in self-storage rooms to help keep items pristine. It’s also a great place to store good children’s clothes you might want to save to hand down to younger siblings. 


Swap Out or Adapt Your Furniture

Storage furniture is a godsend for keeping all the little things corralled and neat. Having drawers in occasional tables, or space beneath or inside coffee tables means you don’t have remotes, controllers and charging cables littering surfaces all the time.

If you’re thinking about changing your beds, choose ottoman or divan styles rather than bed frames. Bed frames may have space underneath for boxes or tubs, but it’s not as neat or convenient as having drawers built-in or a mattress you can simply lift.

Raised beds are good for older children, where you have storage below the sleeping platform, or maybe a desk. They offer more useful storage with work or play spaces within a small footprint, so you keep more of the floor clear.

Just keeping items together rather than spread out helps create a more orderly look. Think of storage stools or chests in the living room, that you can use for hobby gear or kids’ toys. Even just having a basket in the corner where you can throw the dog’s toys can save you tripping over them all the time and look neater than a pile of chewed toys.

Arranging things does take a bit of time and thought. Start by deciding what’s bothering you, then figure out what would make it better. Maybe you just need a smarter organisation system for storage, or maybe you could pack up some items you’re not using and put them in self storage until they’re needed again.

We all have different ideas about what works for storage, and happily, there are multiple solutions to suit everyone.
 What are your top storage tips? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my home content?

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