Picture Perfect? Here's How They Do It

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If you’ve ever paid a visit to any kind of social media platform, you know very well that the lives of those who post may seem a bit unreal. Every page is littered with healthy smoothies, intricate yoga postures and bright smiles - but, luckily, we know that their lives are far from perfect.
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We just like to present ourselves in the best possible way and preferably from the best possible light. As long as everyone is aware of this, there’s really no harm in trying to look your best for every photo and clearing away the clutter before snapping a picture.

Here is a handful of tips in terms of getting yourself picture perfect without having to rely on those filters too much.
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First: Make your skin glow

It doesn’t matter if you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror in the morning or not; everyone can have great-looking skin on pictures. The great thing about a photo is, of course, that it’s confined to one angle of your face and one set of light so you can use a few simple tips and tricks to hide your imperfections.

Start by going through your regular skincare routine but use a serum before you apply any makeup. This will help to lock in the moisture a bit better and help your makeup to set a bit better while still looking natural.

After this, you continue to apply makeup as you regularly do and keep in mind that you should use a concealer with a lighter tone to cover up any blemishes; darker shades tend to bring out imperfections rather than hiding them.

Use the right amount and spend some time on working it into your skin, look at it from different angles in different lights, and finish off with a setting spray at the end.
 Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels

Next: Remember your teeth

A frame-worthy photo won’t be quite the same without bright and healthy smiles. While taking care of your teeth and making sure that you’re able to avoid those costly bills at the dentist’s office is a habit rather than a quick fix, you can still start to treat them a bit better from now on.

Start by having a long look at this article, first of all, to learn all the inside tips on ensuring that healthy smile and consider going for cosmetic dentistry if you have issues with your teeth that better dental hygiene won’t fix.

If you’re having problems with your teeth that goes beyond what a toothbrush and a regular dental routine can do for you, it’s a good idea to have a look at instasmile for some more information. It’s not just for those pictures, after all, as much as it’s for your general wellbeing.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

No matter if you take selfies for your social media feed or just to preserve some much-cherished memories, we all prefer to look our best - and sticking to these simple routines will definitely make a difference when it comes to your confidence and general wellness.

Just keep in mind that everyone tries to show themselves from their very best side whenever you scroll through those feeds and it won’t really go to your head; when nobody’s looking, we’re all sitting in our sweatpants and eating Doritos straight from the bag.

What do you do to make your photos picture perfect? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my latest posts?
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019
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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Struggling to know what to get your mum for Mother's Day this year? Well, look no further than my Mother's Day Gift Guide for a whole range of different gift ideas. 

*Items marked with a star were gifted to me for the purpose of this post. +Items marked with a plus sign are affiliate links. This means I will gain a small commission on anything you buy through my links.
First things first, obviously the card. These ones from Pogofandango are so eye-catching and unique and they are personalised so you can make them exactly perfect for your mum. They do print cards, photo scan cards and even papercut cards so this is definitely the first place to start before you go onto any other gifts.
 The Pretty Little Treat Company are based in Yorkshire (where I'm from) and everything they offer is handmade. For Mother's Day, they have this lovely little gift set available where you can pick what items you want to come in it from what they have available on their site. Mine came with Pretty Little Hand Cream, A Pretty Little Bath Treat and Pretty Little Lip Balm - Strawberry Jam which smells incredible!
Anyone else's mum owns numerous amounts of scarves? Mine does so this gift will be perfect for her. Plus it's personalised so it's even better. The hearts are such a cute detail and I can't wait to give it to her, I know she will love it! Feel free to check out more of the Mother's Day personalised gifts that GiftPup has to offer if this isn't quite what you are looking for. They have a huge selection available.
This knife set from Opinel are perfect for any mum who loves cooking and better yet they are in these lovely shades of pink & purple (they do have various other colours available too). Included in this set is a Paring Knife in Plum, a Serrated Knife in Fuchsia, a Vegetable Knife in Pink and a Peeler in White.
 The Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for 20 hours. This is great for my mum who usually has hot drinks at work and will now be able to keep them warmer for longer. They also do many other bottles and tumblers in various sizes and colours which you can find in The Klean Kanteen Collection.
This will either go down really well or really bad depending on your mum but I know mine loves trying new skincare products especially Anti-Aging ones. This one is an Anti-Aging Cream and has a whole range of benefits including cell renewal, improves the texture and surface of the skin and reverses the sign of ageing in the skin as well as the fact that it can calm sensitive and inflamed skin.
The Shea Body Butter is great for seriously dry skin and hair and is beneficial for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and sun-damaged skin. The Lavender Soy Candle has a burn time of 20 hours and it is said to soothe and open the heart while easing tension. Two perfect items to give your mum some much-needed relaxation time.
 For any tanning lover Mother, the Norvell Tan Extender is perfect for gradually building colour as well as extending a sunless tan. It has a vanilla fragrance so she will smell lovely afterwards and includes vital vitamins to help her skin.
Just paint your nails as usual and then add a drop of these miracle drops on each nail and 5 seconds later they will be dry! We tried them and we can confirm they work really well. My mum will be using them every time she paints her nails now.
 *Ecosilk Shopping Bags
These bags can be used to replace your existing plastic shopping bags and can be used time and time again. They are really light, can easily fit into a pocket to take with you and can carry up to 14kg for shopping with. They can be washed and are quick drying too so can be used numerous times.
 *Three Mills Reserve Rose, White & Red. Available at ASDA and B&M
Does your mum love wine but want to cut down a bit? Why not get her a bottle of the great tasting Three Mills Reserve? They are lower in alcohol content at just 10.5%. The white has melon and apple flavours, the red has hints of vanilla and cherry and the rose has flavours of raspberry and cherry.
*Critically Endangered Socks
For every pair of socks sold Critically Endangered Socks will donate 20% of the total price to charity. By choosing which sock you buy, you also choose which charity to support. The socks I have above are the 'Turtle Sock' and it has supported the Oceanic Society. You can see above for a few facts about the turtles from the little card that came with the socks. Buying your mum a cute gift AND supporting a great charity? Awesome!
*Aveeno Baby Daily Care
It might be Mother's Day but a gift which benefits the little ones is also great too. These Aveeno Baby Daily Care products are specially formulated for babies skin, made with natural oats. The moisturising lotion provides moisture for 24 hours and soothes the babies skin while the barrier cream creates a breathable skin barrier to protect against external irritants.
+*Gregory's Tree Double Fruit Twists
Why not get her a little tasty treat too? These Gregory's Tree Double Fruit Twists taste incredible (I'm currently craving them). They are blueberry and raspberry flavour and each pack is 1 of your 5 a day. They are only 60 calories per pack and also suitable for vegans too which is always a good thing.
 *SEKSY Elegance Eau De Parfum
SEKSY Elegance has notes of mandarin, jasmine and blueberry musk and comes bejewelled with a Swarovski Crystal and a detachable charm which can be added to your favourite jewellery. It's pretty much a two-in-one gift.
 *PrezzyBox Lamonte Marble Wall Clock
This marble clock from PrezzyBox would make a great addition to any household and I'm sure she will love it. It has brass coloured metal hands and has a cool, minimal aesthetic. Prezzybox also has more in their marble home range as well as tonnes more Mothers Day gift ideas for you to check out.
 *Craft Buddy Crystal Art Kits

Got a crafty mother? Why not get her one of these totally awesome Crystal Art Kits. They have many designs available to choose from. Each one has a numbered template so it's easy to follow and will be sure to relax her and give her an amazing finished product at the end.
*The Gift Experience Personalised Rose Gold Glass Jewellery Box
 This jewellery box is stunning with its rose gold features and can be personalised to say whatever you like on the top. I went with the preview quote of 'Too Glam To Give A Damn' because I loved it that much. This will make a lovely decorative piece too as you can see straight through to your jewels and it has a mirrored bottom. you can also find more gifts from The Gift Experience if this isn't quite what you are after.
*Calidad Home Silk Pillowcase
Silk pillowcases help prevent wrinkle formation and hair breakage as well as feeling so smooth and silky against your skin. This would make a lovely gift for your mum. I will be doing a full review of these pillowcases so look out for that very soon on my blog.
 *The Lakes Vodka
The Lakes Vodka recently won an award in the 2019 World Vodka Awards and that award was none other than the World's Best Vodka. If your mum is a vodka lover then why not get her the World's Best Vodka to try?
*Encona Pepper Sauces
Last but certainly not least, why not cook her breakfast in bed on Mother's Day morning using these great recipes from Encona? If she is into hot stuff, you can add some of their Pepper Sauces into the recipes too. Why not check out the recipes suggested below?
Encona Spiced Papaya Oats with Avocado and Egg
Sourdough, Avo and Egg Stack with Reaper Hollandaise

So which gift do you like the sound of the most? Let me know in the comments below as well as what you are buying your mum for Mother's Day.

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OOTD: Summer Holiday Outfits

AD - Gifted
Items marked with a * are gifted items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own. Items marked with + are affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission on items you buy through my links.

This post is way, way overdue so here I am finally posting the outfit photos from my holiday to Corfu in September last year. These are from various online stores so definitely check them out while you are here.

Miss Pap

This jumpsuit was my first piece into the snake print journey which I'm currently obsessed with (see my last 3 boot purchases) and it is a piece I loved wearing. It features a waist tie belt so you could pull the waist area in. It is off the shoulder and it is quite a thick material so I felt secure. Plus it has pockets!!! which was literally the first thing out of my mouth when I tried it on. 
This playsuit, I chose to wear over my swimwear for the day time as it is quite a see-through netted/mesh style piece. It features this awesome zig-zag multicolour print and a lace-up front so you can adjust the top tightness. I did feel the material was a little bit hot for the daytime Greek weather as it was boiling so just bear that in mind.

Want That Trend

I think this jumpsuit was my favourite piece that I took with me. It literally describes me in jumpsuit form. I love bright, rainbow colours, especially if they are in a tie-dye print. I was in heaven when I saw it and I loved wearing it. It is a nice floaty material and felt so light and lovely against my skin. It was a very comfortable piece and it will definitely be coming with me on my next few holidays.
Are you seeing the theme yet? Everything is rainbow! This next piece is no exception. This time it is a stripe version of a jumpsuit, again with a tie waist. I like what I like. This one has button detailing down the front and is a heavier material. It fit me well and was a comfortable piece too.
When I first tried this dress on, it was a little confusing. It is a wrap dress which you have to tie around yourself. It comes with 2 long strings on each side and after a bit of fiddling, I got it to make sense. Another with a lovely, light material that I loved wearing as it is another eye-catching, bright piece. I kept wanting to spin round because it flared out with its ruffles. 
I love the two colours featured on this playsuit and its tropical feel. I really liked the ruffles on the front as well as the sleeves. That is definitely fun detailing. I did feel they were a little short for me on the back but that's just my preferences when it comes to shorts and skirts.
I didn't take many pairs of shoes with me on this holiday so most of these outfits feature these above sandals or my trusty sandals from New Look. These ones from Want That Trend feature diamantes and I am in love with them. They feature a bit of a platform that is white so these went with most of my outfits. I feel they added a bit of extra glamour to all of my outfits too.

In The Style

I'm not usually a huge wearer of bodysuits but I thought I'd give this one from InTheStyle a shot. It didn't disappoint. The colours are super pretty and it fits me quite well. I'm not used to wearing thong-style either so that took some getting used to too but overall I felt it was comfortable. 

The shorts were better than I expected as I have a difficult time finding shorts that fit my waist, are high waisted enough, are long enough on the bottom and fit in my hips/thighs too. This pair did a pretty good job of ticking all those boxes and the pinstripes give them a cooler feel too. These will definitely become more of my everyday summer/holiday pair for sure.
I also paired the bodysuit with this colour block skirt. As soon as I saw it on the website, I knew I had to have it. For one it features my favourite shade of pink and just looks so pretty. I love the frayed hem detail, it was a little short but I felt comfortable enough plus it fit my waist and my hips quite well.
I felt so Grecian wearing this two-piece. The top was a little confusing at first though as it comes like a long scarf and you can wear it any way you want. After fiddling around with it for a bit to see what worked best, I ended up wrapping it round and round to create this tight bandeau style with a tie around my waist. The skirt fit my waist well and felt so lovely and swishy against my skin. The split does go all the way up to the top of the skirt and is quite noticeable when you sit down so I chose to wear some safety shorts underneath. It could also be worn in the day over your swimwear too.

Ami Clubwear

This two-piece set also made another pretty outfit. Each piece is a different material so gave the outfit a little more texture and it really stood out. I paired it with a diamante choker, ring and shoes to give it an extra glam feel and I did definitely feel glam!
This is another one of those jumpsuits I fell in love with instantly. With so many gorgeous details, how could I not? From the lace-ups all the way up the legs to the lace-ups on the back and the halter neck, racerback style, there is so much to see. It was a really comfortable piece and I think one of my boyfriends favourite outfits from this holiday. It goes in nicely in the waist and I felt so awesome wearing it.

What Lovely Girl

 Another two-piece now, this one in the form of a white star print set. I wasn't a huge fan of the shorts on this one as they didn't fit me that well but the top is gorgeous and I will definitely wear it with other things in the future. The shorts are high waisted which are always a good thing though and the top is off-the-shoulder. It is one of the better off-the-shoulders tops I've worn as it didn't keep trying to ping up over my shoulders like others in the past. I love the big stars on the print and feel they really stand out. I have a code if you choose to shop here. Use code LucyM20% to get 20% off your order. 

Pink Flamingo Designs

 I'm in love with the print on this little two-piece set. It features my favourite colours and flamingos which is what the website is actually called. They are the only handmade pieces in this entire post so if you check out ANY of these shops, make sure it's Pink Flamingo Designs. Natasha Lomas is the creator and she makes loads of different styles and prints. They are all handmade in the UK and you can check out her website here: Pink Flamingo Designs.

You have come to the end of this post. Which outfit or piece did you like the most from what I listed? Let me know in the comments below and like I've mentioned throughout, please go and visit these shops to check them out yourself and when you are done why not go and check out more of my fashion-related posts?
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I would also like to thank my lovely boyfriend Alex for taking all of these photos for me.