14 Exciting Ways to Rediscover Your Love Of Exploring The World

by - 23 March

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There’s much to love about hopping on a plane and jetting off to a new destination. It’s not just a temporary move to a warmer climate that makes us feel at ease as soon as we land; it’s the opportunity to meet new people, see the sights, and push the boat out when it comes to what we know. Or so goes the idea. We can sometimes fall into the habit of just doing the same old, same old; which is usually, chiefly, sitting outside in the sun and having a beer. While there’s nothing wrong with that - lord knows we’ve done it enough - it can dampen some of what we know about exploring the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way - below, we take a look at a few new and exciting ways that will help us to rediscover our love of exploration. Take our advice, and you’ll be on the fast-track to fun adventures in no time at all.

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Curb Your Research

It’s possible to learn everything you need to know about the world...without leaving your home. The internet has done a lot of good for the world, and one of these things is allowing access to every piece of information ever recorded. Pretty impressive, right! But this can also take some of the magic out of discovering a new place. If you’ve read about everything you’re going to see and do at a destination before you arrive, then being there will be more about checking off a list than uncovering a different culture. Next time you’re going somewhere, consider just jumping in and seeing what you find when you land and resist doing all of your research before. Everything will be exciting when you don’t know what to expect.

Avoid Flying

The prevalence of cheap flights has made travelling accessible to people from all backgrounds, and that’s something that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. Most people, when they’re looking to travel, simply check the airlines and find out how far on a plane their budget will take them. But flying isn’t the only way to get from A. to B. - people were moving around for thousands of years before the invention of the plane. There’s a real magic to be had in moving by ferry or train - one of its chief virtues is that you’re able to see the land that you’re crossing (unlike a plane, which only allows you to see the clouds).

Stick Out a Thumb

For the more adventurous traveller, there’s always hitchhiking. There are few things more exciting than sticking out a thumb and seeing a kindly stranger slow down their vehicle to pick you up. This obviously requires a much greater degree of flexibility than if you were going by plane, and isn’t recommended if you absolutely have to be somewhere at a set time - but if it’s just a loose adventure that you’re looking for, then go for it. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, and you’ll remember that the world is a pretty kind place overall!

Change Your Accommodation Type

We are creatures of habit, and sometimes that means that we end of staying in the same hotels over and over again. But if you're stuck in a chain hotel loop, then why not consider mixing it up and picking somewhere new? Wherever you’re going, there’s going to be a wide range of unique hotels and hostels available, and each will have a greater impact on your enjoyment of your trip than if you’re just checking in to the same standard issue hotel room that you’ve already spent many a night in.

Under the Stars

But then again, who says you need to stay in traditional accommodation at all? If you’re committed to staying in a hotel, then you’re going to be fairly limited when it comes to the type of views and surroundings you have nearby. Instead, consider camping. It’s easy enough to organise, and there are campsites all over Europe that’ll provide views and experiences that a hotel just can’t give you. Read more here, and spend your time away from home sleeping under the stars. There’s no adventure quite like the great outdoors.

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Search, Book, Go

Spontaneity lies at the heart of all great travel experiences. In today’s digital age, it has never been easy to book a last minute journey. Take a look online, see what flights are going where, and, if they’re not too expensive, book them and head to the airport. This works especially well as you’ll have no expectations for your trip - you’re simply going for fun. Even if the chosen destination ends up being not to your taste, who cares? You’ve lost nothing - and in the process, you’ve gained a pretty awesome story.

Local Projects

When it comes to travelling, most people take a look at a destination and think about what it can give them. But there is another way to look a place, and that is by asking: what can I give back? All over the world, there are fascinating, positive projects that need enthusiastic people to volunteer some of their time. Next time you’re planning to go overseas, take a look at websites like Helpx.net or Workaway.info, look for a project that you’d like to get involved in, and go. This has the added benefit of being an inexpensive way of travelling; in exchange for a few hours of your time, you’ll be given accommodation and food. And more than that, you might just learn a new skill.

Pick a Theme

People take a trip to a new country and visit all the popular highlights that it has to offer, but what if you have no particular interest in the most popular attractions? It happens a fair bit in cities - people wander around museums and art galleries because they think they should; they don’t even visit the museums and galleries in their hometown, so why visit them just because you’re overseas? Instead, focus on what you do like, and build your trip around that interest. You could take a literary tour through the childhood of your favourite author, or go on a culinary tour through Italy, for example. You’ll be interested every step of the way, and will leave your travels with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of your interest. 

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Travel Solo

Everything is fun when you’re doing it with other people, but that doesn’t mean that doing things without other people isn’t fun! When you’re travelling with friends, it’s easy to fall into doing the same thing that you’d do at home; when you’re on your own, you’re forced to meet new people and decide for yourself what you want to do, without compromise. It can seem a little scary, but you’ll find that there was nothing to fear once you’re out there on the road.

Try a New Activity

There are a million and one things you can try across the world, why not give one of them a go? For example, you could finally check out your skiing abilities, or see what life is like under the sea by snorkelling. The good thing about doing an activity when abroad is that you get to view the natural beauty of the area, all the while doing something that’s immensely fun. 

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Wildlife Over Humans

Most of our travel revolves, in one way or another, other humans: how they life, the food they cook, and so on. But what about the other creatures with whom we share the planet? There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing one of Africa’s Big Five in their natural environment or seeing the colourful birds of the rainforest zipping around over your head. Next time, devote your trip to the wonderful wildlife - you’re sure to be awestruck by what you see.

Attend an Event

There’s no greater way to understand a destination than to see it full-on celebration mode. To see this, you need to visit during an event, be it sporting, cultural, a festival, or anything else. There are awesome events taking place all over Europe and the rest of the world throughout the year, so try to combine your travels with one of them. It can be something like a Feria celebration in Spain or a massive music festival, but whatever you choose, you’ll find an atmosphere that’s unlike anything else you’ll have experienced.

Cultural Shock

It’s not easy to be shocked anymore, even when we’re travelling. If you’re in Europe or a beach destination, then you know more or less what to expect. But cultural shock does still exist; if you don’t believe us, book a flight to one of India’s biggest cities. You’ll quickly feel like the world has been turned upside down (in a mostly good way, of course).

The Wonder of Nature

Finally, don’t forget about nature. If you want to fall in love with travelling and the world again, simply take a trip to one of the natural wonders of the world!

Let me know in the comments below which of these ways you would like to try or any you have already done. 

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