Cusco: A City That's A Little Closer To The Heavens

by - 13 May

An image from Cusco with the text over laid saying Cusco: A City That's A Little Closer To The Heavens
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The Inca People once conquered the mountains known as the spine of South America. These jagged mountains are known to us as The Andes. Who would have thought that Cusco, a city of 435,000 people would be able to thrive in the middle of this spine? For one it's situated at 3,400 metres above sea level, so the air is a little thinner, and mist from the clouds regularly streams down the mountains and into the forests. The Urubamba Valley lies close, and it's perhaps one best places to see the settlements of the Inca People as the ruins of the mountain terraces they built at still present. The Spanish settlers who also came to Peru and left some of their own cultures behind namely the Catholic faith and the marvellous baroque architecture. The city is an amazing mixture of the new, and the old as the empire of the Inca People can still be seen for miles around, but the city’s infrastructure is modern.

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Coricancha or Qoricancha?

The Inca People shouldn’t be confused as a distant neighbour of the Mayans or the Aztecs; they’re their own people. The did have similar ways of worshipping however as the Coricancha pronounced Qori-can-cha by the indigenous people say it, is the Temple of the Sun. Once upon a time inside the temple, the floors were made completely of solid gold. The task itself just to mine the gold would have been very arduous as the temple was made in 1200 AD. The effect would have been truly hypnotising as the natural light was let in through multiple windows and the sun would have bounced all over the room once it hit the gold floor. It's something you must see in person, the Temple of the Sun is still cared for and kept in stoic condition.
Historic grandeur and modern comfort

After your flight, you’re going to be hit by the effects of altitude sickness. You’re over 2 miles above sea level, so that is to be expected even if you’re in shape and fit. So you’ll need a place to stay that isn’t taxing on your health such as the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco. The hotel has an oxygenated-rich system so you can breathe easy while you get comfortable and familiar in your room. Your room will have a marble bathroom, elegant deluxe bedding, and a minibar if you fancy a drink or two. Your muscles will be adjusting to the altitude and may begin to feel a little fatigued for a little while so you could use a heavenly spa treatment the hotel offers. The treatments also include some features that were used y the Incan People themselves to aid in the healing process. There’s an outdoor dining area with lamp lighting if you fancy eating under the clear blue sky.
Cusco is a city that’s just a little closer to the heavens. You get used to the altitude in just a couple days and in the meantime you can enjoy the services your hotel gives to all guests. Once you’re ready to go off for an adventure, you can go exploring through the Andes and check out the ruins of the Inca civilization that once rules a large part of South America.
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  1. I haven´t been around much in South America, but it is a continent that I would love to explore more.

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