Every Body Is Beach Ready With Boohoo

by - 02 June

Hands up if you have ever felt low in body confidence at some point in your life. I know I definitely have. I think that covers just about everyone right? I was always the one on the beach or by the pool wearing men's board shorts and a full swimsuit with a vest or t-shirt over the top. These last few years I have been slowly feeling more confident in showing off more skin and last year I really felt I had hit the most confident/comfortable place by being able to wear a bikini top/swimsuit with a pair of short swim shorts.
Banner saying Every Body Is Beach Ready With Boohoo with blonde girl wearing black swimsuit.
The title of this blog post was inspired by a great quote I have been seeing a lot lately. 'Every Body Is Beach Ready'. You don't have to go on some mad/unhealthy diet to get a summer beach body. Put on a swimsuit or whatever you feel like wearing and you are beach ready. Just don't forget the suncream! That's all there is to it. No body is perfect which means every body is perfect in its own way (cheesy, but true).

I know I'm definitely feeling beach ready in this lovely swimsuit from Boohoo. It is such a lovely fit and actually covers all the necessary parts, while still showing some sneaky bits of skin but is still secure enough that I won't feel like I'm going to pop out anywhere.

*These pieces were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.
Blonde girl wearing black swimsuit
It features cut out mesh pieces on the neckline, down the waist and on the back which is in a racer back strap style. I will admit this style is a little difficult to get over my thighs/bum/hips as I am wider in that area but once on it fits me perfectly and is very comfortable.
Blonde girl wearing black swimsuit
Blonde girl wearing black swimsuit
I also chose this gorgeous cover-up dress too in this lovely peach and coral colour.  It features ruffles on the neckline and the cuffs and has rope style laces to tie up the neckline. I love the tie-dye effect it has. I feel it may not go perfectly with this swimsuit I chose although it does go perfectly with a bikini I already have.
Blonde girl wearing coral tie dye beach cover up
Blonde girl wearing coral tie dye beach cover up

If you are interested in either of these pieces they are called Brooklyn Mesh Racer Back Swimsuit and Amy Tie Dye Frill Beach Top.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these pieces as well as a time when you felt the most body confidence. 

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  1. Beautiful pieces! You look amazing, such a good fitting! Awesome post.And for a long time I didn’t go topless as I hated my tattoos but I’ve since covered by a professional artist so I am perfectly fine with being topless 😂👍🏽👍🏽

  2. What a gorgeous swimsuit! Love the original design.


  3. I completely agree with you. You shouldn't feel the need to go on an unhealthy diet just to look good for summer because as you said: "every body is beach ready" and every body is different so we shouldn't try to look like someone else. Every body is perfect just the way they are. This swimsuit looks really cute on you!


  4. You look lovely in this swimsuit! A tad revealing for me on the back ( I am still a very conservative fashionista) but I love how it's decently sexy! Indeed I don't think my body is beach ready but am working on it as we speak and have lost 2 kg so far - waiting for it to go further down before I dare to peel my clothes off and don a bikini!!
    Simone xoxo

  5. I so love how perfect this selection is for you! It looks great.

    Funmi xx

  6. This suit is so HOT, babe! Love Boohoo!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. That is a sexy and beautiful bathing suit and that cover-up is lovely. Girlll your body is on point. Goals to be honest!


  8. Beautiful pieces - you look absolutely stunning!

    Heather xoxo

  9. Truth! This is so on point dear. Anyway, love your swimsuit; it's sexy and elegant at the same time.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  10. Love the beautiful suit! You look amazing!
    xo, Jane

  11. That swimsuit is lovely on you! I really like the mesh details, such a fun feature! That cute cover up is easily my favorite though, I love pieces like that for summer!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend :) We had a birthday party for my eldest so it was a bit busy, but lots of fun.

    Away From The Blue Blog