There May Be Some Cracks In Any Holiday Experience

by - 25 July

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Going on holiday and travelling to new places is something many people look forward to most during the year. Weeks and months of working are only fully paid back when you can let your hair down and truly focus on all of you and your needs only. In among the sunshine and the brilliant feeling of being somewhere totally never-before-seen by your eyes, there is a but. It can be a big but, or a small but, depending on the quality of your holiday. The but is, but just be on the lookout for the cracks in the holiday experience. This doesn’t mean you must have some kind of robocop scanner in your eyes, searching for and identifying mistakes and errors every which way. It does mean that, put your brain on 95% standby and 5% diligence. Enjoy your time and bask in the feeling of being in an atmosphere unrecognisable from home. Just keep an eye out for these inadequacies that could help you in the end.


A not so guide, guide 

It's common to have a holiday guide as the rep of a travel agency. They will either meet you at your hotel once you have checked in, or you can go to one of their local offices at the destination. They may even have a policy of simply meeting up in a local cafe. What you need to look out for are guides who don’t know much or care about the destination and therefore you holiday in the process. Look for signs that they’re not very talkative, they don’t share much information with you in person. Those that rely too much on smartphone communication to inform of you of what kinds of sights to go see and take too long replying to text messages of questions, will leave you with a lot left to desire. What can you do? It's simple, ask for a change of rep by phoning the local office of the travel agency. There’s no point in trying to be nice when you have spent so much money to be on the holiday and have it be sub-par because of one person.

Check before you eat 

Do not rely on the past reputation of a restaurant. Be prudent and check the latest reviews of a restaurant that you fancy going to. Restaurants can change and transform into a shell of their former glory. The last thing you would want is to have food poisoning due to a bad meal by a restaurant that you thought looks good because of the previous reviews that could date back over a year ago or more. You shouldn’t suffer in silence because holiday illness claims are something of an ace in the hole. It's very much a real possibility that you can claim back compensation in the thousands to help you recuperate the losses of having to pay for medical bills in a foreign country. It's also some reconciliation for the ruining of your holiday which you also could have paid thousands for. Always check the restaurant you want to dine in, is still going strong and keeping hygiene of the utmost importance. A holiday guide that seems disinterested in your enjoyment should be dropped for another immediately. Don’t argue or fuss, just contact the local branch office to make the exchange.

What cracks have you experienced during your past holidays? Let me know in the comments below.

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