2018 Wrap Up And 2019 Goals

by - 05 January

With the beginning of the New Year, I decided I want to reflect on my blog stats, goals and achievements from 2018 as well as have a written record of my 2019 goals for this time next year. I don't really do 'New Year Resolutions' as such but I do like to have goals to strive towards.

Number Of Books Read in 2018

Goal: 50
Achieved: 55

I managed to read 55 books in 2018 (I keep track on Goodreads and if you are an avid reader I definitely recommend doing the same if you don't already). I had the same goal in 2017 and just about managed to do it as well but as it got closer to the end of the year I felt more pressure to finish as I was behind. This meant that I read some 'Quick Reads' books to catch up.
If you would like to see a blog post talking about the individual books that I read then please let me know in a comment below.

 2019 Goal: 30

I decided to have a much lower goal this year because as I mentioned above I was rushing to finish so would much rather this year feel more relaxed and less pressured. 

Blog Pageviews

Goal: No Set Goal
Achieved: 69,575
I didn't have a goal set for page views this year but thought I should mention the amount I actually achieved so I can compare next year. I am really happy with this amount as I expected a lot lower seen as I have been sporadic with my posts this year.

2019 Goal: 100,000

I think this will be achievable as I'm hoping to be more consistent with my posting and hopefully have a higher number of posts this year too.

Social Media Followers

Instagram Goal: 10,000
Jan 2018: 10,200
 Achieved: 9,790

I started the year on 10.2k but through the latest algorithm, Instagram being rife with follow/unfollow and my inconsistency I lost tonnes of followers throughout the months.
2019 Goal: 10,000

I'm setting the same so hopefully, I can get back up to that number. I have changed up my theme for 2019 and I am hoping to get back into a consistent routine.

Twitter Goal: 2,000
Jan 2018: 1,600
Achieved: 2,150

I began using Twitter more frequently in 2018 and I am hoping to keep that momentum going. 

2019 Goal: 2,500

I'm keeping the goal low as it goes in line with how many many followers I received in 2018. 

Pinterest Goal: 5,000
Jan 2018: 3,800
Achieved: 6,600

I'm really happy with my momentum on Pinterest and really love the platform plus it became one of the biggest sources for my blog traffic last year as well as one of my biggest sources of affiliate income (more on that later). 

2019 Goal: 10,000

I am going big and saying my goal for 2019 is 10,000. With the rate at which I'm growing on the platform, I say this is easily achievable. 

 Tumblr Goal: 10,000
Jan 2018: 8,800
Achieved: 17,000

My biggest surprise was how fast my Tumblr grew. I don't really do much on there in regards to linking back to my blog but it's a fun platform and full of inspiring images.

2019 Goal: 20,000

I feel the momentum definitely slowed down with their latest update (i.e. they are no longer allowing nude content) but I feel I can still grow as that was never a concern of mine on the platform anyway. I intend to link back to my blog more often and maybe implement some affiliate links on there too.

Brands I Worked With

Goal: To work with some of my favourite fashion brands
Achieved: Yes

I worked with many more fashion brands in 2018 than I ever have before and ticked a bunch off from my 'Top 10 Brands I Want To Work With List' including Shop Dixi, Boohoo, InTheStyle, Tobi, Quiz and River Island.

2019 Goal: To work with the other 4 brands from my list. 

This is one of my main goals and I have already had discussions with one of the brands to do so, so here's hoping that comes through!

Money Earned Through Blogging

Goal: £1000
Achieved: £972.06

I fell just short of the £1000 goal but at the time that was a very high goal and one that I didn't think I'd even get close to hitting. This came from a mix of sponsored posts (£252.25), social media posts (£261.66), guest posts (£395) & affiliate income (£64.15). I haven't added exactly how much affiliate income or ad income I have earned, I have only included what has physically gone into my bank account as some are still below payout threshold amounts. The income fell off in the last few months of the year as I ended up being majorly busy and slacked on blog work.

2019 Goal: £1000

I am going to say £1000 again as I feel that is a good amount to aim for.

General 2019 Goals

- Be more confident with my body and style when selecting outfits
- Get back into my workout routine to get stronger again
- Visit another place I've never been to abroad
- Work with a bigger variety of brands (travel, lifestyle etc)
- Upload more natural, in the moment photos
- Start the process of buying a house
- Keep up the momentum of trying more foods
- Attend another blogging event
- Write a bunch of blog post drafts ahead of time
- Start a YouTube channel (This was a 2018 goal that I didn't manage to achieve)
- Organise my blog information into more spreadsheets
- Go an a review trip

What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I wish i'd read that many books!! Think i managed 5 hahah!x

  2. Good luck with your new goals! I think it's interesting and motivated to have this kind of goals ♥


    1. Oh for sure. They are definitely things I can easily achieve.