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by - 10 April

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If you enjoy the finer things in life, then when you travel it is the perfect time to embrace all things luxury. Seeing a new place in style, and being able to try out lots of new things, try out new foods, and rest and relax, is going to be better if you are able to do so in a luxury setting. It might not be something that you do every time you travel, but planning a luxurious getaway every now and then can be just what you need. With so many great luxury places to visit, though, where do you start? Here are a few ideas of some dream destinations if you are looking for a few ideas to help you see the world in style. Have you been to any of them before? It would be great to hear what you think.

The Peloponnese, Greece

There are so many Greek islands to choose from, but some of the islands like Santorini and Mykonos, are beautiful, but they do have a lot of busy tourism. Which is why, if you’re looking for a luxury trip that isn’t going to be overcrowded, heading to the mainland to discover the wide-open spaces of Greece can be a good idea. The Peloponnese, though, is a part of Greece that has been a little under the radar.

The west coast of the Peloponnese is full of striking and undulating sand dunes. Beaches like Kourouta are worth a visit, and there are many luxury hotels as well. Water sports, sea views, and plenty of Mediterranean food make the Peloponnese a great choice. The Peloponnese also has more wineries than any other Greek region.

Matera, Italy

You might normally think of Venice or Rome when it comes to a trip to Italy, but down in the arch of Italy’s boot, Matera is an up-and-coming luxury destination, built into the rock of a ravine. It is a little far from nearest cities, so is definitely more suited to those that enjoy a resort trip or like to rent a car (or a driver), and tour around each day. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it really is untouched; a must for history and culture lovers. There are charming hotels in caves, as well as more upscale and luxury retreats in limestone grottos.


The set of last year's movie hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ has certainly helped to boost this city-state to the top of luxury destination lists. But there are many things about Singapore that speak for itself. For starters, there is a year-round climate that is positively tropical, making it a popular choice. There are indoor attractions and things to do, as well as outdoor, including hiking. The shopping is amazing, the food is varied, and there is a rich arts scene in the city. If you are looking for a five-star hotel in Singapore, then you can be spoilt for choice. It could also be worth looking up the Duo Galleria details, as there is a large luxury five-star hotel as part of it. There are many other choices in the city-state too, so you’ll be bound to find one close to where you want to be.

Perth, Australia

If you are planning a trip down under, then naturally, most people opt for places like Sydney or Melbourne, as they are the more classic tourist options. But Perth is worth having up there on your list, especially as a luxury destination. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • The region of Margaret River is a particular foodie region so there will be plenty of places to try some amazing cuisine.
  • There is a big culture scene with an annual exhibition held each year in March.
  • The choice of hotels is plenty, with ones like the Ritz-Carlton having rooftop pools, and others with rooftop bars, offering great views of the city.
  • Perth is a great location for going a little further into nature and wilderness that Australia has to offer. You could head out to the Ningaloo Reef to swim with sharks, for example.

Turkish Riviera

Up until recent years, travel to Turkey as a little bit off-limits for many. But the stunning coastal area of the Turkish Riviera is back and doing great things for luxury travel. The value of the Lira has also fallen compared to other European currencies, so it can make it a pretty affordable alternative destination, but still with the luxury that it has to offer. The Bodrum area of Turkey has some great new developments making it a popular spot, filled with luxurious yacht parties and some buzzing nightlife. There are some great destination hotels and resorts, with spas, beaches, and restaurants.

St. Barth’s, Caribbean

Back in 2017, one of the most powerful storms that the region has ever experienced swept across the Caribbean, leaving many resorts and homes devastated. St Barth’s was one of the islands that were the worst hit, but it is open, back, ready, and a perfect spot for a luxury trip. Going to the Caribbean is a great way to get their tourism going again too. Luxury hotel Hôtel Le Toiny, which was launched three years ago, but has been re-done again, so you’re bound to pick a hotel that is like brand new. The water sports, climate, and idyllic beaches and resorts make this a perfect choice for a luxury jaunt.


If you are in it for the long-haul, pun intended, then travelling out to French Polynesia could be the place for you. There are things for everyone on the island, from couples to families, and is one of the most picture-perfect destinations of them all. There is something for every end of the luxury scale, from water villas to spas, and resorts, as well as to the other end of the scale. There are some super-luxe private islands in Tahiti with beachfront villas and bungalows that you can rent out exclusively. So you really can choose what you do, and choose to want to spend, to make it your dream luxury retreat.


Appealing and luxury are two words that can pretty much sum up a trip to the islands located just off Mozambique. The area was known a little for being a place for nightlife and where nothing is off-limits, but there days there are high-end hotels that are helping to channel the country’s history and legacy. You can enjoy privacy in paradise as you enjoy the perfectly pristine beaches, lined with palm trees, by the stunning blue ocean. There are also luxury safaris on offer so it can be a great way to explore and get into nature there, without getting your hands too dirty, so to speak. Conservation is a massive thing here, so for animal lovers, it can be a great choice, with things like the marine conservation centre open for business.

Arles, France

Arles is a city in France that is bursting with art, luxury, and culture, in a way to pay homage to its most famous former resident, Vincent Van Gogh. There are major arts venues in the city, making it a mecca for art lovers; this Provençal city in the Camargue is really making waves and is set to become a major European art destination. As you might imagine, the tourists that it attracts do like to enjoy luxury travel, so there is no shortage of hotels, both boutique and large chain, that can offer a luxury stay.

So what did you think? Which are your favourite luxury travel destinations? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out some more of my travel-related posts?

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