Lark & Berry: Cultured Diamonds

by - 05 December

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At Lark and Berry, their diamond jewellery is created with cultured diamonds and this post will explore more about what that means. 

(+All facts in this post are from the Lark & Berry website)

What are cultured diamonds?

Cultured diamonds are diamonds that have been grown in a lab rather than mined.

 How are they grown?

They mimic the way diamonds are grown under the ground. There are 2 ways to do this, one involves applying immense heat and pressure to carbon and the other way involves applying heat and gases to a diamond slice. Both processes create 100% diamonds.

The benefits of cultured diamonds

  •  Because they are grown in a lab, the diamonds are generally purer because the environment they are grown in can be controlled.
  • They are less expensive by 30-50% as there are only 2 steps to obtain them which is grow and cut.
  • They are more sustainable because they don't require land or wildlife displacement and since they aren't mined, this means that they don't cause any underground water pollution and don't release any chemicals into the ground. They can now be created by 100% renewable energy and are guaranteed conflict-free. 
  •  They shine exactly the same! It's more about the colour, cut and clarity that you get and they last just as long as mined diamonds.
 The exact same types of jewellery can be made with cultured diamonds, this includes diamond rings, engagement rings, diamond necklaces, diamond stud earrings, diamond bracelets, etc. Lark & Berry do all these and more. Everything they create uses cultured diamonds and their tagline is Clean. Cool. Cultured which describes the brand perfectly. They focus on being ethical and sustainable and that is important to take note when buying diamond jewellery.
 All of their engagement rings can be made in 18k gold or platinum with diamonds starting at 0.5 carats to 5 carats. They have some beautiful designs such as the Halo Diamond Solitaire and the Full Diamond Trio which are my two favourite engagement rings that they do.
 Lark & Berry also have a collection of stackable rings with colours including emerald, pink sapphire, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, light ruby and purple sapphire. So a colour for everyone. My two favourites from this collection are the Veto Open Stackable Ring in Light Ruby and the same in Fancy Purple Sapphire. They can be worn one at a time or all at once and would make greats gifts for your loved ones!
 What's even better about Lark & Berry is that every time you make a purchase through their website or in one of their stores they will plant 5 trees as they have partnered with the One Tree Planted organization These trees are planted on 4 continents throughout the world: North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Because of the enormous toll diamond mining has taken on the environment, they want to help the earth by facilitating reforestation and more.
 From their cultured diamonds to their gorgeous choice of jewellery and the 5 trees planted with every purchase, what's not to love about Lark & Berry?

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever bought anything from Lark & Berry and what that was OR if you haven't check out their website and tell me your favourite piece.

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  1. Love the idea of cultured diamond and the price is so appealing These pieces are to die for xoxo Cris