Things To Do In Los Angeles On A Budget

by - 14 February

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Planning a trip to LA and wondering what you can do while there with a smaller budget? Then look no further than today's post which will be exploring things to do in Los Angeles on a budget. LA may seem like an overwhelming place and difficult to navigate but fear not, there is still plenty to do without breaking your bank and I will be going through some of those things today.

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The Hollywood Sign

For starters no doubt you'll be wanting to see the Hollywood sign up close right? I know I sure do. First things first to know is that yes, it is free to go see the Hollywood sign but unfortunately you aren't allowed to touch it for safety reasons. The best place to see the sign up close is from above, accessible by several hikes within the Griffin Observatory. At around 3 hours round trip, that is a fun activity and accomplishment in itself. While it isn't free to park up there anymore there is a DASH bus you can catch which will take you there and the bus only costs 50 cents each so definitely a cheap day out!

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Walk Of Fame

Have a stroll down the Walk of Fame and spot your favourite famous persons star. This is another fun activity that is completely free to do and if you are taking children or even if you aren't, could become a fun game of spot the star. From Hollywood legends to new favourites there are over 2600 stars currently on the Walk of Fame and it's expanding its lists every year. The walk runs east to west from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue and north to south on Vine Street, from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.

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Santa Monica Pier & Beach

Once in LA, you'll surely want to see at least one beach right? Why not head to Santa Monica Pier and the beach. Arguably one of the most famous and iconic beaches in the world, it has appeared in many films, tv shows and even video games (Grand Theft Auto anyone?), it is a must-see just to experience it in person. Over 3 miles along the beautiful Californian coastline with gorgeous weather year-round. While visiting the beach costs nothing there are tonnes of food vendors that line the streets and the boardwalk has many a fun activity from carnival games, small rides and the famous Ferris wheel but even so a fun day out at the beach doesn't have to cost the earth.

California Science Centre

If science is more your thing then the California Science Centre is a must-see and will fit within your budget. Hint: it's free! Located in Exposition Park is the centre, full of science exhibits which range from the ecosystems exhibit to the creative world and even an air & space exhibit, there is something for every science lover to view. Admission is free but there are special exhibits and IMAX screenings which cost a small fee. 

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 The Getty Centre

Last but certainly not least on our things to do in Los Angeles on a budget guide is the Getty Centre. The Getty Centre can be found amid the Santa Monica Mountains and it houses works of art from various ages. From Renaissance paintings to Baroque sculptures, historic manuscripts and more, there is plenty of art to see inside. You can wander around on your own or take guided tours for more in-depth information on the art on display. Again, the Getty Centre is another free activity for you to do on your trip.

So, if you have ever visited LA what suggestions do you have for things to do on a budget? and if you haven't what's the one thing you would like to do the most if you visited LA? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel-related posts?

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  1. I lived on the west coast for a decade in Seattle. I so wanted to get to California before I moved back to New York which I did. I went to SF as I had friends there. But would so love to get to LA one day. Great post with useful information!

    Allie of

  2. Walk of Fame is definitely a must-do! Great guide dear.

    Jessica |

  3. I've never been to Los Angeles before, but I would so love to visit and it's great there's fun things to do without having to spend a fortune. I would totally do all of these xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. Hi! ) A very beautiful and interesting blog!!!

  5. I feel so proud! I have been to see the Hollywood sigh; last year I was in Pasadena, California, and I had a lovely time.
    My favorite memory is driving up into some narrow streets in the hills and watching the sun set behind the Hollywood sign in the distance.

  6. Wow Very interesting and wonderful place to visit i am also searching for a place which is best for my holidays and also fit to my budget but after read this i got the place which perfect for us thanks