An Overview Of The Available Financing Options For Buying A Used Car

by - 17 September

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Carzoopa did a blog, which is more of an overview of the different financing options you can consider when purchasing a used car. Cash and personal loans from a bank were the two noteworthy choices we thought of discussing, given they are what people feel suits hem when thinking of how to fund their budget for a new vehicle. Used car finance sourced by the car dealer is another exciting option worth noting.

Let’s take have a quick overview of the advantages and drawbacks of each option. Hopefully, this read will be as enjoyable as it is informative. 

1. Cash

Going all-in with hard cash is best if you have saved enough for the car you want to buy. But also consider taking a wiser approach that can see you save a bit on your purchase.

For instance, you might find that the much you have is enough to cover the deposit and be left with some substantial money. If so, then take out car finance with low monthly payments. In so doing, you might have the chance to use the rest of the cash on something different. You could have an opportunity to go for a better vehicle than you had saved up for, for example, one with a fuel filter and other filters.
2. Personal Loans From The Bank

It is an option to consider if you lack the deposit or the used car dealer cannot arrange for assistance for financing the purchase for you.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that bank loans or borrowing from such financing institutions can be costlier than opting for a specialist vehicle finance loan. As such, take a look at car finance , think through all viable options and settle for the one that makes the deal more economical for you. 

3. Used Car Finance - Sourced By The Car Dealer

It is a fantastic option if you have a deposit and want an extended period for payment for the car. You could find a used vehicle that meets your expectations, but the price could be the only deterrent because it is higher than what you have saved.

In such a situation, an experienced used car dealer with access to different lenders can help you find one even if your credit rating is not that pristine.

Therefore, sit down with the dealer, inform them of what you need and your money situation. A good used car dealer will assess that information and determine how to help you find a suitable finance company to see the deal go through.

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