My Dream Kitchen

by - 15 October

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I'm getting to that stage in my life now where I want to start thinking of how I want my future house to look and that's exactly what today's post is going to dive into, starting with arguably the most important room in a house, the kitchen! I'm going to be talking you through parts of my dream kitchen so let's get right into it.

 Big Appliances

For big appliances, obviously, that includes the oven, fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher (and yes, I definitely want a dishwasher!). 
For the fridge, my ultimate dream fridge would definitely have to be a SMEG fridge. I think they are so cool and they come in so many pretty colours (pink or mint green would be my ultimate choices). I do think they are a bit expensive and impractical though, so I would probably go with an American fridge/freezer which is a side-by-side fridge and freezer with a ton of room. Ideally, one that has an ice-maker and water dispenser which is plumbed in for extra effect. 
For the dishwasher, I would pick a large integrated one. They are much better than the quarter ones as I have experience of both and with it been integrated it can be hidden away behind a cupboard. The bigger ones mean you can fit more in as well as some of the more unusual kitchen items that you might usually wash by hand. Nowadays you can get WiFi-enabled dishwashers that can be activated if you are out of the house, no doubt I would pick one of those.
 I think for the washer and the dryer I might have separate machines as after using both an integrated machine and separate machines, the separate ones came out on top. It's more the dryer doesn't work as well in an integrated machine, from my experience. I would also have cupboard doors over both machines so that it looks tidier in the kitchen.
Lastly for big appliances, the oven. I may possibly go with a single oven as at the moment I have a double oven but I just do not use the top half of it, so I feel it would go to waste. I'd make sure I have quite a big oven with a few shelves though as I sometimes struggle for shelf space. 


For worktops, I would have to pick some sort of white marble pattern. I'm obsessed with marble and think it looks so lovely and chic on kitchen worktops. I would then work the rest of the kitchen around the marble to see what works well. I'd have to pick either Laminate Worktops or Granite Worktops. Granite worktops are hard-wearing and resilient while laminate worktops are the most popular kitchen choice, are affordable and come in a huge range of styles so it would be a tough choice.


In terms of what I could pick for the walls is the hardest choice of all. I would have to match it with the marble worktops and what I pick should be durable. My choice would probably be some sort of splashback tiles and they would extend around the whole lower part of the walls above the worktops and then paint on the rest of the kitchen walls. I'd maybe pick marble tiles to go with the worktops but I'm not sure if that would be too much marble, otherwise, they would probably be light grey or plain white. 
I'd want to jazz up the walls a bit more with some fun, colourful paint but I'm so indecisive when it comes to wall colours. I'd probably end up picking plain white and having a mostly white kitchen but I think it'd be fun to have brighter colours covering the walls or even just a feature wall colour. My dream kitchen would probably have pink walls (especially if I picked the pink SMEG fridge) but I don't know how practical that would be in reality. 


For the floor, I'd most likely choose wooden floor or tiles. I think whatever I'd choose would be a shade of grey as I feel grey floors look lovely in any room. Plus the pink, white and grey would look fabulous together. I'd pick something easy to clean, especially as I plan on having a dog of my own in the future. 


In terms of storage, I would like a lot of cupboards and places to store things. I'd like to be able to have lots of separate storage so I'd know I'd have enough room for food, utensils and other useful kitchen items. They'd maybe be white or grey coloured to coincide with the rest of the kitchen colours. 

The Extras

My dream kitchen would include lots of extras which would be:
  • A worktop area against a wall with space underneath to store some stools. If I had a lot of room it might even be a kitchen island in the centre of the room.
  • An electric hob
  • A microwave
  • Pink SMEG items to match the dream fridge (kettle, toaster, stand mixer, blender and coffee machine)
  • Pull-out storage unit for herbs and spices
  • A pull-out storage unit for pots and pans for easy access
  • Lots and lots of utensils of every kind
What would your dream kitchen include and what extras have I missed out? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my home content?

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  1. Such a great kitchen compilation! I love the cabinet refinishing in these photos.

  2. Sounds like such a beautiful dream kitchen! I'm obsessed with the one in the photo above with tons of white cabinets, wood flooring, and a big island--a total dream!

  3. I cannot wait myself to worry about my kitchen and such, but I have to make it that far first. Granite tops and marble backsplashes are my favorite. I watch a lot of HGTV, The Property Brothers and Flip or Flop are my two favorite shows to watch because I love both styles they choose. I appreciate your sharing of your dream kitchen and the cabinet refinishing is beautiful.

  4. Awesome! Storage and extras are a MUST in my kitchen. I am more of a traditional wood lover for my kitchen design, but I love the clean, crisp look of what you have created!