Travelling Internationally With A Baby

by - 06 October

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Travelling can be hectic, especially when the itinerary is not well organized. It is even more challenging with a baby, whether in tow or present. Babies are delicate, so you can imagine how exhausting it can be for them. If you are one to be on the road (ship or air too) often, you’ll need to prepare your baby for the travels so that both of you can get through with minimum difficulty. Here are some top tips to help you do so and make sure that your baby is both safe and comfortable when travelling internationally




Packing is not everyone’s favourite thing to do, and it is even more hectic with a baby. Make sure that you get everything you need for your trip beforehand and that you pack it all well enough to access it quickly during the flight.

You can make a checklist of everything you need in reasonable quantities that will be enough for the journey. It would be best if you went out and bought them yourself instead of sending someone else to avoid the frustration of items getting skipped or not purchased to your specifications.

Once you acquire these items, pack them following your checklist to make sure that you don’t forget anything. The most needed items should not be put in the luggage. Have them in a bag you can easily access when you are in the flight.



Overpacking is not uncommon among mothers, especially first-time moms. If you don’t really need anything for the flight and can get it along the way, then it would be wise not to pack it. This will not only help you reduce your luggage significantly and make it easier to handle but will also make it easier to access much-needed items and help you save on cargo transport costs. 



If you are going away for a while and you have lots of luggage, you can try shipping them ahead of your journey. There are shipping companies that offer these services where they transport your cargo and store it until you can retrieve it, or deliver it to an address. This will help to prevent loss of luggage and make the flight more comfortable for you as you’ll have less baggage to handle. This will be especially useful if you have to bring nursing furniture such as strollers with you. You only need to pick out the essentials that you’ll need during the journey and have them with you in a diaper bag.



If you keep regular nap and feed times for your baby, then it would be great if you could try your best to stick to them even as you travel. You could book your flight to accommodate this schedule so that your baby has an easier time travelling. For instance, if your baby usually goes to sleep at 5 pm every day, then you could book your flight at 4.30 pm so that they are settled when it is time to nap.

This may not always be that easy - you could keep this schedule, but your baby may not sleep for any reason, such as an unfamiliar environment. The baby may then get cranky, so you’ll have to make sure that you are in an excellent position to entertain them and gently send them to sleep. 



Travelling with a baby can take a lot more preparation than you will expect. If you are not careful, you may run into any number of problems stemming from poor time management such as missing your flight or arriving too early at the airport. The latter doesn’t look like a problem until the baby eats all their food, and you use half the diapers before boarding the plane.

You could try arriving at the airport at least thirty to forty-five minutes before your flight. Make sure that you have plans for this time, including a separate dish of baby food and diapers. You could have someone wait with you so they can help you with the baby as you prepare yourself. If your flight is delayed, you’ll need to make some quick calculations and maybe have someone deliver extra items.



If you can afford it, it would be great if you had an extra seat for your baby, most preferably right next to you. This is a great idea because if your flight is going to take hours, holding the baby will exhaust you. You can always place them on the extra seat when they are napping so you can get some rest and maybe take a break to the washroom or get something to eat.

If the baby is napping on the extra seat, watch them very carefully. They are not tied down, so any amount of turbulence could easily throw them off the chair. Make sure they are as comfortable as possible and not in direct sunlight. You should also alert the passengers behind and in front so that they avoid any movements that could hurt or wake the baby up. 

In conclusion, travelling with a baby can be very difficult and tiresome. You will need to keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe and comfortable while you also try to save time and manage your luggage. It would be best if you travelled with another adult so they can help you out when you get tired. Suppose you have to travel alone. Minimize your luggage and try shipping some of it before your trip. You should also make precise and detailed plans and stick to them to avoid any inconveniences. While you are it, make sure that you have a look at the travel requirements for babies.
What are your tips for travelling with a baby? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel content?

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