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by - 25 November

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Have you ever planned to have a nice stay in Sicily? One of the best ways to experience the ancient mysteries of Sicily and let yourself see the nature and the interesting culture of this ancient land is to rent a holiday villa.

Visit this incredible island and explore the most beautiful villas in Sicily. Renting a villa is a more comfortable and a  more exclusive option than to stay in a hotel. Plan your stay in a luxury Sicily villa! The reserved and private spaces are interesting for people that love to travel. In fact, in a holiday villa, you can find services that are usually offered in a hotel. A villa offers breakfast and cleaning services too, which maintains the feeling of being a guest. 

The Perfect Holiday for the Family

The call of open-mindedness towards places, people and cultures is triggered by the impressionable minds of children during family holidays. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and has been home to the greatest civilisations, including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans. For this reason, Sicily is an ideal destination for family holidays. It is essential, in order to make the most of the culture and landscapes that Sicily offers, to stay in a comfortable and welcoming place, especially if you come with your family.

The villas are the preferred destinations for family holidays, for their comfort and their independent character. Staying in a villa certainly gives the impression of "living" rather than "passing through". It is an experience of complete immersion in Sicilian life and customs, with the warmth of home, whether you stay in a modern, minimalist villa or a more traditional one. And you will be amazed (and relieved) by how much space you can have available for yourself when you find the ideal villa in Sicily.

The most beautiful holiday villas in Sicily are often a short distance from the centres. They include a wide range of amenities and services including swimming pools, tennis courts and children's playgrounds. You will find the most beautiful villas in the middle of the Sicilian countryside where you are surrounded by silence, where the history is still authentic and nature is intact.

Sicily: A Crossroad of Different Cultures

During all its history, Sicily has been a crossroads of cultures and crafts, which has left famous traces in the architecture, food and language typical of this amazing island. Sicily is worldwide famous for its Greek temples, beautiful churches of the Baroque century, opera houses and food. You will never get enough of the yummy cannoli or arancini, just to name a couple of delicious food from Sicily.

The ancient ruins are much more than just a touristic attraction like the Greek theatre of Syracuse which also today hosts shows for the general public. We also know the island for its incredible nature: its coast is of breathtaking beauty. In addition to that, also beautiful smaller islands and volcanoes surround Sicily. 

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