Best Bike Styles Based On Budget

by - 25 February

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There are many options for cycling today, and it can be challenging to settle on just one. After all, do you select the single-speed city bike or the beach cruiser with gears? If you are tired of asking yourself, “what type of bike should I get,” keep reading for some potential answers. The bike style you end up with does not necessarily fall on budgetary concerns because each type has entry-level bikes to more advanced and expensive options. However, your budget might be more restrictive in some categories than others. 

Beach Cruisers

Beach cruisers are often associated with comfort bikes because the style is more relaxed than other bicycles. The rider sits upright because the handles curve backwards to allow it. The pedals sit a little more forward to allow for the rider's seated position, meaning riding while standing is challenging on a cruiser. Most cruisers fall in the range of between one and three speeds, and the suspensions are limited, meaning the bikes fall on the lower end of the budget, but these bikes are not for every rider. While you can pick up speed on a cruiser, do not expect to win any races or go exploring any rugged terrain. These bikes are meant for leisurely riding. 

Mountain Bikes

Prices vary based on the model and accessories of a mountain bike. Mountain bikes range from youth to adult professional riders, meaning that you can have some bikes costing around $200 and others upwards of $2,000. The influence of price typically relates to the number of gears, the complexity of the suspension, and the frame's integrity. Professional level bikes are the most expensive because manufacturers design them to handle the most rugged terrains. Fortunately, the average rider does not need to spend at a professional level and can usually find mountain bikes that suit their budget. 

City/Road Bikes

City or road bikes can also fall on the lower end of the budgetary spectrum because many are fixed gear with limited suspensions. Manufacturers assume that people who purchase such bikes will be riding on a level and smooth surface, meaning they can restrict their focus to the frame and tires. Fixed gear bikes are less complicated to make, meaning they are less expensive to produce, so the consumer can often find excellent bicycle options in the city/road bike category. 

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are excellent options for people that want to go backpacking or like to take long weekend trips on their bicycles. While some touring models are expensive, reaching into the several thousand-dollar range, the price relates to the design's complexity. Not everyone will need a touring option for cross-country cycling trips; maybe you just want one for a day trip. As with most other options on this list, the price depends on additions and material quality.

It is challenging to figure out which bicycle option is best without knowing your specific budget or riding style. The best suggestion is to talk with a cycling professional at a local bike shop to determine your options. 
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