Never Worry About Buying New Swimwear Again!

by - 14 July

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Swimsuits for women are available in a wide range of designs, fabrics and cuts. Some of the most popular materials that are used in the manufacturing of these swimsuits are lycra, spandex and even nylon. All these materials are very responsive to expanding and contracting while the wearer is active in the water. In combination with polyester, which has excellent chlorine-resistant properties, you are sure to find a suit made of a combination of materials that will give you years of excellent service.

Look after your suit, and it will look after you.

Chlorine is a swimsuit killer, and sometimes, just having a chlorine-resistant swimsuit is not enough. There are many other things you could do to prevent it from wearing out or fading before its time. Rinsing the swimsuit out after every use, drying it out of direct sunlight, and not leaving it in a crumpled heap after use, are all great ways to extend the lifespan of your suit.

If you own a swimsuit with many embellishments, like beading, glitter and sequins, you will need to take extra care in the care and maintenance of this suit, to prevent it from losing any of the embellishments. Gentle handwashing, or even just rinsing the piece in clean water can go a long way in maintaining it. Watch out for potentially scratchy embellishments if you have sensitive skin, as these can be a potential irritant.

Some people are also sensitive to the actual material that the suit is made of. Cheap swimsuits often have a way of feeling “fuzzy” and making the wearer feel itchy. If you are uncomfortable in any way with how the material feels in your hands, rather leave it. You will never enjoy wearing the piece, and in all likelihood, you will end up buying another, because you can’t tolerate the material, which is a waste of money. 

How to get around body issues in a swimsuit

Realistically, the percentage of people who can just get into a swimsuit and not worry about what they look like is by miles the minority. But don’t despair – there are many useful tips and hacks you can use to camouflage the weaker points and boost the appearance of the stronger ones.

If you are uncomfortable about your bottom half, solve the problem by drawing the focus to the top. Go for women’s swimsuit with large patterns and bright colours, paired with bottoms in a solid colour. If you want to cover more of your bottom, consider boy-leg shorts, but remember that the lines on the cut have a way of interrupting the flow of the leg line and making legs look shorter and stockier. If you have a great waist, go for anything wraparound, from sarongs to detailed bathing suits.

Something for everyone

If you feel you need more than just the cut and design of a piece to rely on, there is always the option of a slimming swimsuit. Don’t forget to compare features and prices between different pieces to find the best suit for you.
Remember that every body is beach ready in the end, no matter what you choose to wear.

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