Christmas Gift Guide 2017 - Stocking Fillers Under £50

by - 06 December

Today's post is going to be a quick gift guide that will include stocking fillers which all cost £50 and under. This guide will consist of various items from jewellery, chocolate and even beauty essentials. I have tried to incorporate them into little fun categories so please let me know what you think in the comments below, as well as telling me what is on your Christmas lists this year.

For The Jewellery Lovers

Jewellerybox - Sterling silver & clear CZ crystal double band rings
If you know someone who is really into jewellery especially rings then these 2 will be perfect for them. They work well when worn together and don't cost a huge amount. JewlleryBox also offer many more rings and types of jewellery so you should definitely check it out and see what catches your eye. 

For The Adults

 Find Me A Gift - The Lakes Gin Filled Baubles Gift Set - £34.99
Gin Baubles have been a huge talking point in my family this year. Everyone thinks they are awesome as it is such a unique idea for baubles. I'll be gifting a set of these to my parents but as an early present so they can put them on their tree and then enjoy the drink afterwards. 
Steenbergs - Sugar & Spice Sachets for Mulled Wine & Spiced Cider
1 - £3.85
2 - £3.85
I've always wondered how to make mulled wine and spiced cider and I now have my answer! I'm definitely going to give it a shot with these sets when I host my Christmas party this month. 

For The Unicorn Obsessed (Like me!)

 Find Me A Gift - Unicorn Slippers - £11.99 
Anyone else as obsessed as me with unicorns? When I saw these online I knew I had to have a pair and I am so glad I received some. They are super soft and comfortable and they are never going to leave my feet. 
Good Intention Gifts - Rainbow Unicorn Set Of 6 Tealights - £9.99
Another lovely unicorn item is these rainbow tealights. They are so cute and will look great dotted around the room. I now understand what my mum meant when I was younger when she said "No you can't burn these candles, they are only for decoration" 

For The Owners Of A Sweet Tooth (Also Me)

 Divine Chocolate
I have always been a lover of divine chocolate, well any chocolate really which is why I think these little sets from Divine Chocolate are the perfect stocking fillers. What better on Christmas evening than all sharing the chocolate treats you received that morning. I know me and my family definitely do this every year!
The Jelly Bean Factory - 75g 36 Gourmet Flavour Mix - £1.35
Every year my parents get my brother and I a pack or a set of jellybeans that we open on Christmas morning. It became a bit of a tradition in our household which is why I included these in this gift guide.  

For Those Who Need To Protect Their New Devices

Speck - Tablet & Phone Cases
Christmas is the time of year people generally receive whatever new technology is available, from the latest phones to tablets and every device needs some protection. These cases from Speck are perfect for that. They have many great designs available for certain models but these are just a few examples.

For The Cooking Experimenters 

Wonderbag - Small - £35 & Large - £45
'Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. It continues to cook food which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 8 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel' For more information please click HERE.

For the Bathers

Olverum - Bath Oil - £29.00 (25 Baths)
Anyone who loves a good long soak in the tub AND essentials oils then this will be perfect for them! Just put a few drops in the bath and you get a lovely relaxing soak. 

For The Beauty Enthusiasts

Bioderma - Skincare Sets
Anti-Irritation Beauty Essentials Kit - £20
Gentle Beauty Essentials Kit - £20
These skincare products come either separately in 4 different ranges suitable for certain types of skin or in these lovely little gift sets. 

*Most of these items in this list (or some variation) have been sent to me to sample first. All opinions are my own. 
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  1. The unicorn slippers are too cute!! hahaha I love them, they seem so comfy

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  5. I love how you include your confessions in your gift guide. I like the idea of the spiced drinks

  6. These are wonderful ideas for gifts. I lovee the unicorn slippers! They're so cute.


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