AD. It’s only a week until Mother’s Day so it’s time for my annual Mother’s Day gift guide. This one is filled full with lovely gift ideas for any type of Mother. So keep reading to find out my gift ideas for this year.

The Cards

Hazel Bee sells eco-friendly cards and gifts and each piece features hand-drawn illustrations. From greeting cards to tea towels and phone cases, they have a lovely range of gifts with unique designs that any mother is sure to love. You also may have noticed the glasses in the photo above, do they remind you of anything? Yes, old-school 3D glasses. Whilst these aren’t quite those 3D glasses, they are actually much cooler! I’ll not give too much away but if you like hearts and lights, you will love these. They will sure to be a talking point at any party.

Wine Rack Card

I Killed These For You Card

Magic Heart Glasses

Now for cards that are completely different but such a good idea! We have Cherie Did This with their plantable cards. They do exactly what they say in the name, in that they are plantable! The card has seeds inside and it’s biodegradable, so plant it in soil with water and see what grows. They also have a range of other cards, prints and postcards with fabulous designs so be sure to check them out.

Plantable Seed Infused Card

And Relax Card

Beauty Lover

To start the beauty section we have Sudocrem who surveyed 1000 mothers to find out what they really wanted for Mother’s Day. 94% said they would love 8 hours of sleep and 80% said a long soothing bath would be wonderful. These results show that mothers don’t really want expensive gifts for Mother’s day but actually they want a relaxed soothing day. That’s where Sudocrem comes in with their My Little Sudocrem pot. Give them the little soothing gift and a day of calm and relaxation this Mother’s Day!

My Little Sudocrem

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is a family-run business who have been around for the last 3 decades. Their business is about creating vibrant, evocative scents which are made on and inspired by the isle of Arran’s breathtaking scenery. Their signature scent After The Rain is a timeless floral and citrus scent that contains a burst of lime, a hint of rose and warming notes of sandalwood. It also has hints of greenery, herbal shrubs, cedarwood and moss. It’s known as their best-selling fragrance year in and year out.

After the Rain 50ml Eau De Parfum

Next, we have Aduna which has recently launched its new Baobab and Moringa beauty oils. The oils are a superfood for your skin, hair and nails.

  • Rich in emollients, locking in moisture to skin, hair and nails.
  • Packed with anti-oxidants helping to regenerate and repair.
  • Multi-use moisturiser, nail cream, hair mask, makeup remover and cleanser.

To find out more about these beauty oils, you can check out their website below.

Organic Moringa Beauty Oil

Organic Baobab Beauty Oil

Empwr is all about immersing yourself in a deep state of relaxation with their bath salts. They are formulated with 1500mg of CBD and include a healing blend of frankincense, lavender, vanilla, cardamom, and fractioned coconut oil. This means they aid in muscle and joint recovery, skin hydration & rejuvenation, skin-soothing & anti-inflammation, relaxation & restoration and sleep preparation.

Immersive Bath Salts

Modern Herbals introduce their Hydra-Vital Hyaluronic Acid Serum which is a nourishing skin serum that combines two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5. It helps gain and retain skin moisture as well as help delay the formation of wrinkles, plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face.

Hydra Vital Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Fun & Games

Is your Mother a fan of starting new hobbies? That’s where Skates comes in. Why not get her a pair of Rookie Roller Skates to get her started on her skating journey? Skates have a gorgeous selection available with my favourites being the Rose White Roller Skates which use the timeless shape of the classic figure skating model.

Rookie Rosa White Quad Roller Skates

Jaques of London are the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world and have been around since 1795. They have been responsible for the invention of some of the world’s most popular sports and family games including Croquet, Snakes & Ladders, Happy Families, Tiddledy-Winks and Ping-Pong. They have a huge selection of games available so why not check out their website to see what would suit your Mother?

Twin-Pack Luxury Playing Cards

Do you have a sports-lover for your Mother? Why not consider getting her a badminton set from Badminton HQ? The set comes with 2 badminton rackets, 2 shuttles and a container to keep them in. You can both play a game of badminton together this Mother’s Day.

Yonex GR505 Badminton Racket Set

Personalised Gifts

MYRI London offers a range of personalised necklaces and bracelets which can all be customised with complimentary bespoke engraving. So far, they have a selection of over 120 pieces with more planned for release later this year. Any Mother who loves jewellery will love their Initial Necklace which features any initial on the front and your own personalised engraving on the back.

Initial Necklace – Gold

Another personalised gift comes in the form of this gin glass from Engravers Guild of London. There are several style glasses available and each come with the option of a personalised engraving on them. You can select a font and write whatever you’d like on there. Each gin glass comes in its own signature packaging which creates a memorable opening experience too.

Personalised Gin Glasses

Positive Prints have a wide range of personalised prints. From star maps to coordinates and custom maps, there is a personalised experience for any Mother. The print I opted for was their Home Coordinates Sign. For privacy reasons, I have blacked out our coordinates but if you go on their website you will be able to see exactly what the print would look like. You can also edit the colours to make sure it matches your Mother’s home decor too.

Home Coordinates Sign

Everything Else

The Recycled Candle Company are collaborating with the Missing People charity with this beautiful limited edition pillar candle. It’s called Home Sweet Home and is made from 100% recycled wax. It combines top notes of coconut and dark chocolate with heart notes of patchouli and vanilla pod. The base is wood, amber and musk which all blend together to make a comforting scent. 10% of all sales will be donated to Missing People.

Home Sweet Home Candle – Missing People

Bonne Maman has put together some recipes using their products, so why not bake your Mother something yummy for this Mother’s day? You could try making the Thumbprint Shortcakes using their Hazlenut Chocolate Spread or you could also try the Zesty Lemon, Thyme & Mirabelle Muffins using their Mirabelle Plum Conserve. I’m definitely going to be trying these out. Their products can be found at most major retailers.

Do good with your period. For every pack of Trade To Aid pads you buy, they donate a pack to someone in need of a better period. They are also a social business which means all profits go to funding menstrual education. Trade To Aid’s period pads are comfortable, secure and they save you money. They are made of recycled and reusable materials and are simple to wash too.

Reusable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 6)

So, which of these gifts would you love to get your Mother for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out some more of my recent posts?

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