Four Must-See Sights in the UK

by - 15 May

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Although many of us immediately look abroad when it comes to booking our precious holidays, we could be overlooking the hidden gems on our doorstep. It's a small country but the UK has fascinatingly diverse breaks to offer, from the windswept grandeur of the Scottish Highlands to the picture-perfect coastline of Cornwall. In fact, there’s so much variety, it can be narrowing it down that’s the problem. So here are the top four most interesting UK holiday destinations to explore.
 The Tranquility of the Lake District

Out of all the national parks in the country, the Lake District is unrivalled for quietly stunning scenery. From hiking to nature photography, gastronomic adventures at cosy pubs to the homes of famous Romantic Poets and Beatrix Potter, there’s a world of beauty all within easy reach of the M6. If you’re a fan of outdoor pursuits, then load up the car with supplies from and plan a week of canyoning, hiking and cycling, with plenty of stops at chocolate-box pubs for refreshments.

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 The Seaside Vibe of Brighton

From a couples weekend to a family break to a big group of friends, Brighton is the seaside resort that really delivers. Around every corner, there’s an artisan market, undiscovered gallery, independent brasserie or boutique shop, such as The Lanes, which are famous. Check out the creations at if you need a break from all the shopping. There are so many events throughout the year, but Brighton Pride has to be one of the most vibrant. And who can beat the retro appeal of historic Brighton Pier with its arcades and fairground rides? If you’re looking to take it easy, set up camp in a pastel beach chalet on the pebbly beach and enjoy the beautiful Regency architecture surrounding you.
The Cosmopolitan Appeal of Liverpool

If you’re seeking out culture, great food and a killer night out, then the historic port city of Liverpool could be a great stop for you. Lovers of architecture will be interested to know that the city actually boasts the most Grade 1 listed buildings in the country, alongside the largest cathedral. Alongside the history, there’s plenty of contemporary fun from the vibrant former docks that now boast bars and restaurants aplenty. And as a port city of immigrants, the range of cuisines on offer rivals London!
 The Quirkiness of Nottingham

A compact city with a lot of life, Nottingham is a student town of two universities that fuses independent shops, rich history from Robin Hood and Charles I to the lace factories of the industrial revolution and outstanding nightlife within easy walking distance. The city’s Creative Quarter hosts quirky vintage parlours and speakeasy bars, and the whole city is built on top of a cave system people used to live in that you can explore. Take a Citycard Cycle or hop on the tram network to explore the city from yourself. 

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 Which one of these four must-see sights in the UK sounds the most interesting to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This is such a great list! I visited Brighton for the first time last summer and absolutely loved it (the food their is amazing!!) and I've been to the Lake District loads with family and friends. I'll need to visit Nottingham and Liverpool soon though - they both sound fab!

    Heather xoxo

    1. There is so many places I need to go to as well!

  2. The Lake District is so beautiful! I've been a few times as a child but I feel like I need to go back as an adult, as I'd appreciate it so much more now. I'd love to take my son to some of the Beatrix Potter attractions too.

    I'm actually originally from Nottingham, so was surprised to see it on the list, as it's not somewhere I ever think as a must-visit place but that's what happens when you've lived there such a long time, isn't it? It does have quite a few tourist attractions when you think about it!

    Great post!

    Megan x
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