Father's Day Amazon Gift Guide

by - 11 June

As Father's Day is coming up in the UK on Sunday 17th June I decided I'd do a little gift guide style post using items from Amazon. Amazon stock just about everything so it's definitely the best place to look for a wide range of things that your father may like.

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Silver WatchAmazon Echo
A Watch
My dad always wears the same one watch he owns so I'll definitely be considering getting him another to switch it up so that he has a choice.

Amazon Echo
 These things seem to be all the rage at parties nowadays with everyone shouting at Alexa what song they want and I feel this is the perfect gift for just about anyone, not just your father! It has a lot of different uses as well, not just to play music, such as being able to order directly from Amazon with just your voice.
Black And White ConverseBlack Panther DVD
A pair of classic Converse
My dad loves his pump style shoes and used to wear Converse a lot as they are such a classic casual shoe style especially in black and white.

Black Panther DVD
I'm a huge fan of all things Marvel and superhero related and so is my dad so this would be a great gift. Plus it's one of the best Marvel films and the DVD is out just in time for Father's Day. 
1 Million By Paco RabanneBest Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt
1 Million by Paco Rabanne
I Love the smell of this Eau De Toilette and hopefully, your father does too.

Dad T-Shirt
A classic best dad quote in the form of a t-shirt. This one is Star Wars related and says Best Dad In The Galaxy. 
Dad Jokes BookNo. 1 Dad Chocolate
Dad Jokes Book
Does your dad tell any bad dad jokes? Then this is the book for him.

No.1 Dad Chocolate Bar
If he is a lover of chocolate then what more could he want than a huge slab of Dairy Milk that says No.1 Dad on?

No.1 Tape MeasureStar Wars: The Last Jedi DVD
No. 1 Dad Tape Measure
My dad is ALWAYS looking for his tape measure. I swear he can fix and build just about anything. He is definitely a no. 1 handyman.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi DVD
Another DVD, this time in the form of a Star Wars story. Another great film from recent years that any film fan is sure to love.
Dad's Workshop SignBeige Slippers
Dad's Workshop Sign
Again on the handyman theme. A sign for his garage/shed where he does all his fixing!

A pair of slippers
You can never go wrong with a good pair of slippers. You need some comfort on your feet inside especially after working hard on fixing everything in the house. 
Awesome Dad MugBeer Gift Set
Awesome Dad Mug
Another classic Dad quote, this time in mug form.

Beer Gift Set
My dad loves beer so any sort of beer gift set works well.

Watch, Flashlight, Pen & Wallet Gift SetBeard Care Gift Set
A watch, pen, flashlight & wallet gift set
This is a lovely little gift set that includes some great items. This would be a perfect gift for any dad.

Beard Care Gift Set
My dad doesn't have a beard and never really has but if yours does then I bet he will appreciate a beard care set.
Dolce & Gabbana The OneFitbit Charge 2
Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau De Toilette
Another scent in case you didn't like the first one.

Fitbit Charge 2
These are popular things at the minute too. Tracks your heart rate, amount of steps per day along with many other things. Everywhere I go groups of people are having competitions using these things to see who does the most steps day/week.

Baileys Original Irish Cream
This is the easiest thing to buy for my dad. He loves it! Plus he only gets it on special occasions like Christmas and Father's Day.

A BBQ Starter Kit
My dad loves to BBQ. Since the sun came out this month we must have had at least 6 BBQ's and it doesn't look like he wants to stop yet.

What gift are you getting your Dad for Father's Day? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget it's June 17th in the UK!

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  1. Awesome gift ideas! Thanks!

  2. Lovely ideas. I think that my dad would love all of these!


  3. Great post <3


  4. A classic best dad quote in the form of a t-shirt. This one is Star Wars related and says Best Dad In The Galaxy.

  5. Wow, this Amazon gift guide for father’s day celebrations is fabulous. Thanks dear for all of the tips that you have shared here because I found these ideas useful for finding a perfect gift for my dad’s upcoming birthday. At the local party venue in LA I would be hosting a chic surprise party as well.

  6. Amazon is my fav for Father's Day gift. They have everything you want and deals like “50 off” And “ 20 off amazon coupon code ” are what make me save a lot of money everytime I shop there.