Picture Perfect? Here's How They Do It

by - 22 March

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If you’ve ever paid a visit to any kind of social media platform, you know very well that the lives of those who post may seem a bit unreal. Every page is littered with healthy smoothies, intricate yoga postures and bright smiles - but, luckily, we know that their lives are far from perfect.
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We just like to present ourselves in the best possible way and preferably from the best possible light. As long as everyone is aware of this, there’s really no harm in trying to look your best for every photo and clearing away the clutter before snapping a picture.

Here is a handful of tips in terms of getting yourself picture perfect without having to rely on those filters too much.
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First: Make your skin glow

It doesn’t matter if you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror in the morning or not; everyone can have great-looking skin on pictures. The great thing about a photo is, of course, that it’s confined to one angle of your face and one set of light so you can use a few simple tips and tricks to hide your imperfections.

Start by going through your regular skincare routine but use a serum before you apply any makeup. This will help to lock in the moisture a bit better and help your makeup to set a bit better while still looking natural.

After this, you continue to apply makeup as you regularly do and keep in mind that you should use a concealer with a lighter tone to cover up any blemishes; darker shades tend to bring out imperfections rather than hiding them.

Use the right amount and spend some time on working it into your skin, look at it from different angles in different lights, and finish off with a setting spray at the end.
 Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels

Next: Remember your teeth

A frame-worthy photo won’t be quite the same without bright and healthy smiles. While taking care of your teeth and making sure that you’re able to avoid those costly bills at the dentist’s office is a habit rather than a quick fix, you can still start to treat them a bit better from now on.

Start by having a long look at this article, first of all, to learn all the inside tips on ensuring that healthy smile and consider going for cosmetic dentistry if you have issues with your teeth that better dental hygiene won’t fix.

If you’re having problems with your teeth that goes beyond what a toothbrush and a regular dental routine can do for you, it’s a good idea to have a look at instasmile for some more information. It’s not just for those pictures, after all, as much as it’s for your general wellbeing.

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No matter if you take selfies for your social media feed or just to preserve some much-cherished memories, we all prefer to look our best - and sticking to these simple routines will definitely make a difference when it comes to your confidence and general wellness.

Just keep in mind that everyone tries to show themselves from their very best side whenever you scroll through those feeds and it won’t really go to your head; when nobody’s looking, we’re all sitting in our sweatpants and eating Doritos straight from the bag.

What do you do to make your photos picture perfect? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my latest posts?
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