Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin

by - 17 April

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We all want to look good and demonstrate our understanding of fashion through the clothing choices we make every day. Nonetheless, there are many among us who do so at the expense of our comfort, our happiness and our health. For those with sensitive skin, keeping up with fashion can be an itchy, uncomfortable and irritating ordeal. Why? Because so many fashion brands rely heavily on synthetic materials, chemical dyes and other compounds which are great for churning out products to keep up with the demand for fast fashion… but not too hot when it comes to protecting the skin of those who wear them.

But fear not! The times, they are a-changing’, and many clothing brands are coming to realise the importance of safety, sustainability and ethics in the clothing, accessories and cosmetics they manufacture. Still, until the industry as a whole has caught up, it’s best to avoid...

Polyester and other synthetic fibres

For many with sensitive skin, irritation occurs when the skin doesn’t get the opportunity to breathe and their pores are clogged with dried sweat, old skin cells and the general detritus of the day. For this reason, you should embrace natural fibres like cotton, linen, hemp and other plant-based materials. Wool is also fine for most, although some may experience allergic reactions to it. Avoid polyester and other synthetic materials like terylene, nylon and rayon. These can prevent your skin from breathing and lead to irritation, itching and flare-ups.
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Chemical Dyes

A colourful wardrobe is very much en vogue this spring. Nonetheless, those with sensitive skin should stick to clothes that use water-based dyes rather than their synthetic counterparts. Chemical dyes can create very vivid colours but they can also provoke reactions in the skin that make garments less than fun to wear, no matter how good they look. What’s more, chemical dyes are notoriously lousy for the environment. Here’s some great advice on avoiding synthetic dyes in clothing.

Fake gold jewellery

What outfit doesn’t benefit from the right jewellery choices? The right earrings, necklace, bracelet or nose ring can make any outfit pop while also lending your ensemble a sense of individuality. However, when buying jewellery, be sure that what you’re buying is 100% gold as fake gold can be very irritating to sensitive skin. Fortunately, good quality real gold accessories needn’t cost the earth as you can see by checking out these real gold nose studs. Your individuality needn’t come at your skin’s expense!
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Go cruelty-free when it comes to cosmetics

Finally, while your clothing and jewellery choices make strong fashion statements, let’s not forget that your makeup and cosmetics are also part of your ensemble. What’s more, if you have sensitive skin, they are potentially the most important part.

Avoid makeup and cosmetics that are tested on animals. Apart from the obvious ethical considerations, products that aren’t cruelty-free have not been manufactured with the specific requirements of human skin in mind. While they may do okay for most, they can create problems for those whose skin is prone to irritation.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to be a fashion frump to enjoy flawless skin!

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