Top Five Jewellery Mistakes

by - 25 April

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Jewellery is used for a multitude of occasions and can be worn with any outfit to bring out the most in a look. With all of the choices out there and all the opportunities to wear accessories, it’s no wonder people often fall into the same common mistakes.

This article will guide you to the dos and don’ts of pulling off jewellery so it always hits the mark. First and foremost, if you are looking for new pieces, then why not see some contemporary silver jewellery you will love online?

Once you build up your collection, putting the below tips into place so you avoid common jewellery mishaps is crucial. If you remember that generally speaking, less is more, you can start thinking about the right amount of jewellery. You will also discover when to choose certain types of jewellery and how to get the overall look balanced. 

Common Mistakes When Wearing Jewellery

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Matching The Jewellery To The Event

When planning your outfit, you need to seriously think about where you are going. What is the dress code of the event and the ambience? For example, you wouldn’t wear your gold diamond necklace to your office on a Monday, but you may well wear it to the masquerade ball your workplace has planned this Christmas. It really comes down to knowing the event that is coming up and matching it to your accessories so the tone fits.

Clashing Materials

Like anything, jewellery can either complement and bring out the best or clash with the wearer. It’s your job, moreover, to think about the material of the jewellery and how it matches your skin tone. Remember that certain tones will clash with your skin tones and undertones. Also, it’s important to consider if the materials clash with other items of jewellery you are wearing. For instance, if you know that rose gold really works with your skin.

Not Using Statement Items

With jewellery, one focal centrepiece works wonders. If you don’t have statement pieces in your collection, consider building them up. This means that you can focus on highlighting this piece and have any other accessories, if any at all, as simple decor. Many unfortunately fall into the trap of overdoing it when wearing a statement piece.  Remember the phrase ‘less is more’ and you can’t go wrong.

Wearing Dull And Scratched Jewellery

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Naturally, when one wears jewellery the eye is instantly drawn to that area of the body. In this case, you want to ensure that the jewellery is clean and in good condition. If it isn’t, then the eye can be drawn for the wrong reason and leave with the wrong impression.

Having Your Hair Complement Your Jewellery

Many don’t consider their hairstyle when putting on a stunning pair of earrings. However, you want to ensure the hairstyle shows off the jewellery in its fullest form, so having your hair up if you are wearing a statement earring or necklace is advised.

Following these tips will help you remain on point when accessorising. 

What do you think are jewellery mistakes? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here, why not check out more of my fashion-related posts?

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