My Favourite Shops To Buy Rings In 2019

by - 12 May

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We all know I'm a ring lover and that I own a fair few, we are talking over 150 rings here! So today I'm going to be talking about various places to buy rings that are my favourites for 2019. I shop for rings on tons of websites so hopefully, there is something here for everyone.
Purple And Silver Ring
Photo from Pexels
Firstly I have to start with Shop Dixi. If you have been following me for a long time you will know I have been a longtime fan of this brand and own a lot of their jewellery pieces. They do a lot of gothic/boho style rings that are very unique and are great talking points. They mostly do sterling silver rings that stack really well.

Next up we have Forever 21. If you are shopping on a budget then Forever 21 is a great place to get stacking ring sets as they include assorted rings in small-big sets so effectively you are getting more for your money and will have a bigger choice of rings to pair together.
Silver Ring In A Pink Stripy Ring Tray
Photo from Pexels
A really popular place to buy rings from is Pandora, every Christmas I see queues out of the door at every Pandora store, and rightly so as their collection features so many gorgeous rings. They do a lot of classic style rings which include dainty rings and also statement pieces. Each one is an investment piece and they make great gifts.

If you are looking for something completely different, why not check out Rogue + Wolf? Their collection is mostly black, gothic style rings that have very witchy and enchanting vibes. They are 3D printed and are definitely the most unique style of rings I have ever come across. If you like the shapes but aren't so keen on the fact that they are black, they also have a collection of silver, steel rings.
Girl Holding Coffee Cup Wearing Rings
Photo from Pexels
Last, but certainly not least we have Not On The Highstreet. They have a huge collection of rings all from various designers that are not as well known as some of these bigger brands I have mentioned, because of the many designers they definitely have something for everyone and all occasions. They even have sections with personalised pieces which always makes a great gift.

What is your favourite shop to buy rings? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion-related posts?

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  1. These rings are so pretty! Nice Post! Have a great day!
    Wonderful Post! Have a great day!

  2. These are so pretty! I need to invest in some more rings, since I always forget to accessorize my outfits!

  3. These rings are gorgeous! Thank you for the recommendations too, fab post! <3 xx

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  4. I love the purple one....beautiful rings.

  5. Lovely rings, amazing selection!
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  6. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

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  7. Rings are my favorite accessory! Love the ones that you have featured.

  8. Love this!! Such great suggestions! :)

  9. You have great sense of style! I love everything <3

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  10. Great suggestions dear. Thanks for sharing!
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  11. Rings are my favorite to wear. I don't feel the same if I don't have them on. You have soo many beautiful ones:)