The Traveller's Quick Guide For A Comfy House Move

by - 13 September

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If you’ve been travelling for a long time, you’ll likely have found a ton of inspiration for your own home. And once you’ve finally bought a house, you can be super excited about the move. You should be, as it’s your own home! You finally have a refuge, a place to call yours, whenever you’ve come from your travels. Thing is, setting up your new home isn’t as easy as it sounds. And the house move can be a bit hassling when you know adventure is calling for you soon. However, this doesn’t mean a house move as travellers isn’t possible. In fact, your penchant for exploration might be to your advantage. Here’s how:

  •  Visit the location and get familiar with the neighbourhood. An important aspect of pulling off a successful house move is to actually visit the location yourselves. Being familiar with your house in the moving process lets you be in the state of mind where you can decide precisely where you want to place – or where you want your long-distance moving companies to place –  your furniture and belongings. Likewise, being familiar with the neighbourhood also allows you to identify points of interest like restaurants, hospitals, police stations, and malls. This gives you a ton of places to visit on move day.
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  • Fix your inventory and your belongings. Another important part of a successful move is to organize your inventory. Think of this as organizing your stuff while travelling – you need to make sure everything you have is organized and in order to avoid conflicts, especially in the airport. Likewise, before your move, it helps to be familiar with exactly what you own so you know what you want to sell, throw away, or keep. This also allows you to be aware of precisely what you own, and other things you want to note such as quantity, price, and what it’s made of.

  • Make a schedule around your routine. A mistake people make during their house move is to “revolve” their routine around their house move timetable. This can lead to a lot of hassle, especially in your personal and professional lives. Making your life revolve around the move can result in absences from work, missing out on family days, or even messing up your routine. This can hurt your relationships and your career, which we don’t like. Instead of doing this, make sure you revolve your house move timetable around your routine. Make adjustments and try to find compromises in your spare time that can be dedicated to your move, without sacrificing both your move and your life (in this case, travel) in the process.
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  • Dedicate packing days, and make good use of your free time. With your schedule in mind, try to dedicate a few free days or “date days” into packing days. This can be a good packing process for you and your partner or a good day for you to meditate and reflect on things while packing. Fixing up storage materials and packing your belongings can be a good way to think about your future travels, and to “free up” your mind from the hassles of your previous adventures. Think of this as a way to de-stress and at the same time focus on pulling off a good packing session. 

  • Hire professional help for assistance. When you know you have a busy schedule, you can also hire a few extra hands for assistance. If you’re living in or moving to, New York, you can hire movers NYC to help transfer your belongings to your new home. This can be helpful on your end, as they have the skills, materials, and tools that can ensure your belongings are transferred to your new home without a hitch and without any issues.
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Your New Home is Where the Heart is

A house move for travellers can be just as stressful as those for people who don’t travel. If you travel for a living, a house move can be hassling as this can get in the way of your itinerary or other important appointments in other places. However, as the above would share with you, travellers who do house moves don’t necessarily have to sacrifice a lot of their hobby and their work just to pull a move properly. If the above were any indication, it seems you can also use your travelling specialization and expertise to make sure things in the house move go as smoothly as they are possibly good.

 What tips do you have for a comfy house move? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel-related posts and lifestyle-related posts?

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