Meadowhall Student Night

by - 19 October

*Press event.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to Meadowhall's Student Night. They have this night once every year where students can come along and get discounts off in a huge number of shops in Meadowhall along with getting freebies, entering competitions and playing some fun games. This year Meadowhall also invited Maura, Chris and Jordan from this years Love Island for a meet & greet with their fans. This post is going to be me talking a little bit about my experience of the student night along with the blogging side of it. 

First off, we had to meet up at the Management Suite in Meadowhall where I met the other bloggers who had been invited too (I will link them at the bottom of the post if you are interested in checking them out too). We were going to be queue-jumping to meet Maura, Chris and Jordan but as they were running late we first went into Weatherspoons for a drink and a chat.
Maura showed up first so we met her and my god she was even more beautiful in person! She was so lovely and friendly. She was actually one of my favourites from Love Island this year. After that, while we waited for Chris and Jordan to show up, we went for a little explore of Meadowhall to see what the night had to offer.
We went and played some 'spin the wheel' games to win some prizes and picked up some other freebies along the way. I managed to get a bag full of student essentials from Wilko which included; toothpaste, a wooden spoon, some comfort washing up liquid, a pack of refreshers and some shaving gel. I received a few food vouchers and on one of the wheel games, I won a chocolate bar and a caramel nut snack bar! I also managed to grab an apple flavoured fruit burst drink on my way out and found plenty of places for Instagram photo opportunities.
Then Jordan and Chris turned up so we went back to queue jump again (I felt bad both times), we met them and had photos with them too. It was great to meet all three of them as they kept me well entertained over summer in Love Island. We were hoping to interview them but because of the delay with the traffic, we didn't get the chance, unfortunately.
 Once all that was over, we headed to Giraffe in the Oasis for a complimentary meal as part of the press side of this event. I had the Pina Colada Mocktail and a Chicken Katsu Curry and chatted with the other bloggers to see what the other group got up to over the evening. It was my first time dining in Giraffe and I really liked it! My food and drink were very yummy and I'll definitely be going back again. 
   At this point, it was time to go home. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to go and actually buy anything to use the discounts but none-the-less, I had a great night. Meadowhall's next event is the Meadowhall Christmas Live that will be happening on the 7th November which I am potentially going to so look out for coverage of that.
The other bloggers who attended, who you should go and follow:

  So, let me know in the comments below if you went to Meadowhall's Student Night and if you did what did you get up to? 

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  1. I loved Maura on Love Island! This looks like such a great event, and I love that they offered a discount for students, I wish the US had events like that!

    Ashlee |

  2. This looks like so much fun!!

  3. Beautiful photos!!! x


  4. Love this post, Lucy! I've never seen the show, but how cool that you met them and got your goody bag! :) You look beautiful too!