Wonders Of The World To Add To Your Bucket List

by - 23 October

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 If you are someone that likes to make lists, especially around the places that you like to travel to, then the modern Wonders of The world is likely to have crossed your mind. Simply put, they are breathtaking, historical, and as the name suggests, wonderful! But seeing them all at the same time might need quite a bit of time off work. So here are a few of the experiences that you could have at each, so you can decide which you’ll plan your trip to first.

Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the oldest things in the world and the only remaining from the original seven wonders of the world are the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids are one of the most magnificent things on the planet, and you really have to wonder, how did they do it? Structurally and architecturally back then, the mind really does boggle. There are many tours that you can book, like Egypt tours 2020, depending on what you want to see and do. But being able to see a tomb for the king of Egypt will be an awe-inspiring experience, and it held the record for thousands of years, as being the tallest building built by human hand before the Eiffel Tower was completed.

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Machu Picchu

If you love to hike and explore the outdoors, then the wonder that is Machu Picchu is a must. It is a really impressive sight, that is one of those things that everyone needs to see and experience at least once in their life. It was a trail built by the Incas, and it is perched on a mountain thousands of metres above sea level. It had been forgotten by the world for a number of years, until the early 1900s when it was rediscovered by the western world and brought it back to attention. 

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Great Wall of China

You might have heard that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. However, that isn’t completely accurate. Having said that, it still doesn’t take away from the size of the wall, at over 20,000km long, and about two thousand years old as well. It is steep but does have some really breathtaking views, and the history behind the origin of it is fascinating too. It was once used to protect China, but now it is a great way to see some of China’s vast and dramatic landscape.

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Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in India really is a sight to behold, as it is made from white marble, and that alone (not to mention it was built with love as the Emperor at the time built it to honour his late wife, at the time). It took a while to build it, and over 20,000 people to help complete the build. It is a masterpiece and really does need to be added to your bucket list, as it is one of the jewels of India.

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Rose City of Petra

There is an ancient city in Jordan that is carved from rocks of Petra, and nowadays, it is a UNESCO world heritage site, meaning that it can be renovated, changed, or added onto. So you really get to see how it was when it was built and see what the carved city looks like. As you wander the streets of it, you will discover a whole host of things, from temples, tombs, and even an amphitheatre, showing its Roman connections. It is a must, as it is seen as one of the most valuable archaeological sites to ever exist, as we have learnt so much from it, and still continue to do so.

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Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum tends to be seen as one of the largest amphitheatres that were ever made. The sights and sounds that it must have seen are pretty astonishing, as it was built around two thousand years ago. It is a really striking thing to see in the city, and the remains are beautiful, which is quite contrasted to what must have gone on there all those years ago. Sadly, two-thirds of what was originally there has been destroyed, but there is still plenty enough to see and experience there to get a feel for what it would have been like back then. 

Have you ever been to any of these before? It would be great to hear what you think and what you have experienced, and see what other ‘wonders of the world’ that you would add to your list. While you are here, why not check out more of my travel-related posts?

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  1. Great list! I have the majority of these cities on my bucket list. Reading this makes me want to plan my trips now. :)


  2. I just saw the Roman Colosseum and it was magnificent!


  3. Out of these I mostly want to visit Machu Picchu!


  4. Great post, I´d love to visit all of these places, they are definitely on my bucket list :)...Would you like to follow each other? If yes, please follow me on my blog and I´ll follow you back :) - https://whatafancyworldbylaura.blogspot.com

  5. These are must-see places indeed. I've always wanted to see the Rose City of Petra.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. As someone who loves to travel and has been to quite a few amazing spots around the world, it excites me so much reading blogposts like this. Can't wait to eventually see all of these in person!

  7. I've never seen any of these places but I would love to one day! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :) Such a hot day today here, more like summer than spring!

    Away From Blue

  8. Nice Post!

    I have only seen The Taj Mahal. Rest of all these are in my dream places.

  9. Great Post,
    All of the destinations are great, I think Great Pyramid of Giza have most attraction for the travelers