A Guide to Multi-Car Insurance

by - 27 January

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A Guide to Multi-Car Insurance 

Although many will have heard about multi-car insurance, not everyone will know what it consists of. As with any form of vehicle insurance, it’s important to ensure that the insurance policy is relevant to the needs of the driver. 

As the name suggests, multi-car insurance is a policy that allows for up to six vehicles on one policy, although this can vary depending on the insurance company you use. 

Cars named on the policy must be registered at the same address, meaning it’s ideal for large families, couples and those that share a house. 

Sole owners of several vehicles can also take advantage of multi-car insurance, but all the vehicles need to be registered at the same address. 
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The Benefits of Multi-Car insurance 

There can be a lot of benefits associated with multi-car insurance. One of the most appealing aspects of multi-car insurance is a reduced price. 

The use of multi-car insurance can also mean that there is less paperwork to contend with when vehicle insurance needs renewing. 

There can even be instances where students studying away from home can still be named on the policy, but this needs to be checked with the insurance company beforehand. 

New vehicles can be added to a multi-car policy easily even if the policy is already in place, additional vehicles will be covered for the remainder of the existing policy, and will then be automatically transferred to the renewal policy. 
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Tips When Looking for Multi-Car Insurance 

When looking at any form of insurance, it’s important to carry out some research and do some price comparison. Even though multiple insurance providers offer discounts, this doesn’t mean that they’re the cheapest options available. 

Similarly, it’s important to ensure that the level of cover applied to each vehicle is correct. Multi-car insurance allows for comprehensive and third-party fire and theft. 

In the past, comprehensive multi-car insurance may have been the most expensive, but nowadays it can be more cost-effective. 

The most important aspect of searching for multi-car insurance is that the policy put in place meets the requirements of the household. 

Although cheaper monthly payments can seem appealing, not having the correct level of cover could mean that the vehicle ends up costing the owner more in the long-term, so research is key. 

Different insurance companies will offer different options to that of others, so it should never be assumed that all insurance policies are the same. 

For example, some multi-car insurance policies allow for up to six vehicles, whereas others may be limited to four or five. If the first insurance provider you try can’t offer the level of cover you’re looking for, then it shouldn’t be assumed that this is the case for all providers. 

There are plenty of benefits associated with multi-car insurance and for the most part, can be a good fit for those with a large household, but price comparison and research should be carried out before making a commitment. 

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