4 Ideas For A Hen Party Celebrated In A Cottage

by - 25 February

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 Your closest girlfriend is getting married and you’re thinking hen party weekend cottages is the best option to celebrate her. However, maybe you’re not sure of exactly what to do, right? Being that it’s an event that only happens once in a lifetime, hen parties should be both unique and something that all who attend never forget.
Themed nights are usually a great way to go when it comes to hen parties. In fact, you can come up with a unique and fantastic theme for the entire weekend if you just brainstorm a little. Below are the top 4 ideas for a hen party that’s being celebrated in a cottage.


Murder Mystery Night

If the bride-to-be likes reading mystery novels or is inclined to theatrics, then planning a murder mystery night in the cottage might be something your friend or loved one will probably never forget. This can all be organized and set-up beforehand. Murder mystery nights will often include props and costumes in order to make the whole theatrical experience believable.

Tropical Pool Party

If you’re considering having the hen party during the months of the year when it’s a little warmer, then this theme is a great idea. While it’s a fun concept, one of the obvious things here is that it’ll require cottages that have access to a swimming pool.
Therefore, when throwing a tropical-themed hen party, look for party houses that have a pool available. A lot of these luxury party houses are designed specifically for throwing hen parties, and events of this nature. These types of parties are actually a huge trend and you can get many cottage options at www.partyhouses.co.uk or other similar websites that provide both your luxury and run-of-the-mill option.


Karaoke And Dance Night

For that bride to be that loves staying up all night dancing and singing, then a dance party and karaoke themed weekend might just be exactly her thing. To make things completely unforgettable, you can hire a party house that has its own karaoke room with a full bar. This idea will truly spoil any bride-to-be that thinks partying the night away at a club is a good time. 

Casino Night

Some brides-to-be just want to have a chance to gamble during their hen parties. If your girlfriend likes hitting the blackjack table on her downtime, then a casino themed weekend might be something she really appreciates. Organizing games of croupiers, blackjack and roulette will help give rise to an exciting casino experience. A hen that likes to gamble will find it hard not to like a party such as this.
Organizing a hen party weekend in a cottage is a great way to celebrate that will offer a once in a lifetime experience, which is exactly what you want. Throwing a party of this nature isn’t nearly as hard as what most people usually make it out to be. You just need to know what you’re looking for and where to look. Hopefully, this article has helped get you on the right path.

So, which of these 4 ideas would you like to do for your hen party? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my lifestyle-related content

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