6 Blogging Networks To Monetise Your Blog

by - 21 March

*AD - This is a sponsored post. This post also contains affiliate/referral links for sign-ups.

In times like this, it's sometimes tough to make money especially if you are self-employed or if you are part-time, so in today's post I'll be talking you through some sites I use that have helped me earn a little bit of extra money from my blog. They are more relevant to people who are already somewhat established bloggers but that isn't stopping you starting your very own blog today!

Get Blogged

The first one I'm going to start with is my favourite at the moment and that is Get Blogged. They have clients within various niches so there is usually something for every type of blogger and their pay brackets are based on your DA score (You can check your DA on the Moz website or toolbar). So the higher your DA the more you will get paid for opportunities.

Everything is really easy to do. You go onto their opportunities page, scroll down the list to one that looks applicable to you, check out the page and all the instructions for what you need to do will be on there and then write a little cover letter to apply. There is usually a few of the same opportunity posted so you have extra chances to be picked. From applying, posting, submitting and getting paid it's all super simple.  

I have personally worked on 5 posts from Get Blogged over the last 8 months and that has been a nice little booster to my income. There is no payout threshold like some other platforms as you get paid directly after each collaboration that you do.

They also have a new marketplace, this is slightly different from their opportunities page as this is where you apply directly to paid blogging opportunities with the brands rather than it go through Get Blogged, you can also negotiate pay on most of the opportunities on the marketplace too. It is well worth checking out.


Intellifluence is one I've been signed up to for a while but I have only recently gained any opportunities from them. They are very simple and easy to use. The opportunities available will be posted in the marketplace for you to apply to. The more you fill in your profile and connect your blog/social media accounts, the more opps you will see. They have a variety of opportunities available, some are paid and some are gifted items. I have personally worked on two collaborations with them. One was a quick low paid share on Linkedin and one was a higher-paid guest post. Once you hit the $25 threshold you will be automatically paid out.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Guest Bloggers Wanted does exactly what it says on the tin in that they want bloggers for guest posts. They will upload an opp asking for bloggers to host a guest post on their site and have a max budget which you can offer any amount up to that price. So far this year the opps on there have been thin on the ground and I haven't actually worked on any posts with them yet but do keep an eye on their platform.

The Blogger Programme

I have been signed up to The Blogger Programme ever since I started applying for blogging opps and that's around 6 or so years ago now. They mainly have gifted opportunities but the occasional paid one is there too. Again it's a sort of marketplace platform where you check out a list of opps that are available to you and you apply to the ones you want with a click of a button. The brand will then message you if accepted and work out details from there.


Cooperatize is a platform that I haven't worked with much but I have been signed up to it for a while. This is different from the others as you are paid based on how many unique page views you will get from the post you do. You have to predict how many page views you can get in a certain period to get paid that certain amount. If you don't hit that amount of page views then you will only get a percentage of your amount paid. I had worked on a post with Cooperatize a few years ago and I'm in the middle of one right now. At the moment I am on track with my views and you can keep updated with the numbers via the platform. There are never many opportunities on Cooperatize at one time but it's worth looking at every once in a while.


Coobis is a fairly new platform for me. I only signed up a couple of months ago. Once signed up you fill out as many details as you can and then a brand can 'order' work from you. For example, so far I have had one order for a guest post and one for a post that I had to write. I accepted the guest post but declined the other post. You do have to upload ID to unlock payment which I haven't done yet so I cannot comment on how payment works just yet. You are emailed whenever you have an order so you don't have to use any time checking on the platform for new opportunities.

Why not check out: Blogger Outreach

Let me know in the comments below if you are signed up to any of these as well as what other paid blogging platforms you are a part of. I am also a member of many more blogging networks so please do let me know if you would like to see the full list of platforms I am signed up to. The others are mainly social media based opportunities or for gifted products.

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