Mother's Day With Moonpig

by - 13 March

*AD - Press Event + Gifted Items. All opinions are my own.

Last month I was invited to a Mother's Day event with Moonpig which was held at the Whitworth Locke in Manchester. I, of course, invited my mum along what with it being a Mother's Day event (She calls it the perks of being a blogger mum). The theme for the night was #HeartfeltWithMoonpig. If you don't already know Moonpig are the UK's leading online card retailer that specialises in personalised cards and they also have a big range of gifts and flowers available too.

 To kick off the night we had some lovely little selections of food available to try. There was quinoa, coconut & sweet chilli shrimp as well as mini burgers and fries. I had to try them all of course, and yummy they all were. We were also treated to a glass of prosecco to get started with.

 We then had a presentation all about Moonpig as a company by one of their team members. I wasn't surprised to learn that 1 in 3 people in the UK has used Moonpig, I know myself and my family use it 90% of the time when buying cards nowadays and with a range of over 10,000 cards there is plenty of choices for everyone.

   It was then onto the activities for the night. There were 4 sections available and our group started out on the cocktail making side of things. We split into two teams to add a little friendly competition element to the cocktails. We made 3 altogether. One was a practice and then we had a speed round and a taste round too. We won one and the other team won the other. Moonpig also has a range of alcohol gifts available if that is something you want to check out.

We then moved onto the next section which was the most relaxing of the evening... the pampering session. We each had a hand massage which was so lovely. I have never had a proper massage before so that was definitely a great experience that I wouldn't mind doing again very soon. Again Moonpig have a section of gifts for experience days and that includes spa days so why not treat yourself and your Mother to a spa day?


The next section was a mini photoshoot. We posed against a greenscreen then picked out a background to be photoshopped in. We chose a black background which had camera flashes, sort of like we were celebrities being photographed by the paparazzi. This photo was then used as the basis to create a Moonpig card of our very own. I decided to do one for my mums birthday as that was also in the same month. The process is very easy. You pick the card you would like and then work through the personalisation options, this could be changing names and words on the front as well as picking your own photographs to add on and then also writing on the inside. You then pick the size you want and go to checkout and fill in your details. Boom, so simple!

  The last section of the night for us was to create our own flower bouquet. This is something I have never done before so it was definitely an interesting experience. I struggled slightly with this as I couldn't quite get the bouquet to look how I wanted it to, but none the less I still liked my end result. We picked various flowers and foliage to use as well as picking what colour tissue paper and wrapping paper to use to give the bouquet a more luxe feel. There were also stickers, ribbons and pens lying around to add some more personalised touches. We, of course, got to take our bouquet home with us (that was a slight challenge as we were staying overnight in Manchester and got the train home the next day, queue lots of stares!).

And that was our night done! On leaving we were handed a wrapped present to take away with us. I opened ours when we got back to the hotel and inside was a letterbox gift. Inside there was a pack of chocolate truffles (my favourite), a milk chocolate bar, a mini pack of nail files, some blueberry lip balm that smelt fantastic, a packet of chamomile teabags, some hot chocolate and a tube of hand cream. Such a lovely little gift to end a fantastic evening!

I had a great time and I urge you all to check out the Moonpig website if you haven't already!

*All photos in this post are credited to Elouisa Georgiou unless otherwise stated. Feel free to give her a follow on Instagram to see more of her work.  

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used Moonpig and also which of these 4 sections you would have liked to try the most.

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