Storage Tips For A Hassle-Free Wedding

by - 26 March


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Your wedding day should be one of the best and most memorable in your entire life. Getting all the little details right helps make sure you remember it for all the right reasons. If you’re wondering how on earth you’ll gather everything together and keep it pristine, these ideas might help.

Practical Storage

With wedding costs soaring, it makes sense to spread the expense by collecting and storing necessary but non-perishable items well in advance. The type of things to consider could be artificial flowers, table decorations, venue decorations, linens, glassware, cutlery and dishes. But also consider clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.

When you consider everything you need to make a perfect wedding day, the individual items can add up to quite a haul. Self-storage is a godsend for keeping everything together and immaculate. I live in Rotherham and there are no fewer than four self-storage units in Sheffield, within three miles of me! You’re sure to find a space in your own local area.

Look for a place with good, easy access so you can quickly nip in to drop things off. Somewhere on the main road, ideally on a route you take often but that’s not vital if it’s somewhere handy.

Have a look around the facility and choose a room that’s the right size. You can always change the size of your space if you find you need something different later on. Pick a space that gives room to install drawers or hanging rails and shelving. If you have space to display or spread things out they’re easier to find and keep track of. It’s okay to put storage furnishings into units as long as they’re free-standing so you’re not drilling or damaging the walls. 

Getting Organised from the Start

Making lists might be old fashioned and sound a bit boring, but they do work well. Because there’s so much to think about, keeping everything in your head is a sure way to miss something. Also with lists, you can share these between your helpers so everyone is literally working from the same page and knows what needs doing. Electronic lists, either on your phone or computer, are easy to share with your team of helpers and ensure you always have your list with you when you’re shopping. You can add to the list at any time without ending up with dozens of scraps of paper.

Lists also help you really drill down into specifics. You might, for instance, be devising the menu for your wedding breakfast. It’s not quite enough to choose ‘wine’. You need to decide what kind, how much, what alternatives you’ll offer to those who don’t like or want it. If you create a master wedding list for all the main categories of items you need to consider, you’ll have a brilliant starting place for additional lists that get right down to the individual aspects and items needed.

Use Plenty of Sealable Containers

Weddings are made up of lots of little details that come together into a glorious whole on the day. If you’re thinking ahead and starting your wedding collection early, you need to make sure everything stays as immaculate as the day you bought it, and that might mean for several months or over a year.

Storage tubs you can seal against dust or moisture are perfect for lots of items. Transparent ones are ideal as you can see what’s in there, but still use labels on the outside as an extra reference. If the contents of a box changes, change the label straightaway otherwise you might forget and accidentally buy duplicates.

Remember to protect items against light damage. Sunlight fades colours and turns whites yellow, so take extra care with clothing, shoes or stationery. If you choose a self-storage room for the bulk of your wedding haul, you’ve automatically got more protection since the units tend to be dark when all the doors are closed and they certainly don’t get direct sunlight. It’s something to be extra cautious about if you’re keeping things at home in a spare room.

Everyone’s needs are different, but one of the main things is to keep all your wedding things together in one place so you can see the big picture of your day coming together. Allowing plenty of time to spread the expense and enjoy the experience takes a lot of the stress out of the big day.

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  1. This is an interesting post! i never really though about needing lots of storage for my wedding things but I guess with all the weddings being postponed people might want places to put all the stuff they had already organised and bought (we just rented a lot!)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) It's another quiet one at home here.

    Away From Blue

  2. I agree that one has to protect items against light damage. This is a really helpful post. Thanks.

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