To Treasure Forever: Customising And Re-Purposing Your Wedding Jewellery

by - 18 March

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The way that people wear their jewellery is evolving, with custom-designs becoming increasingly popular. Your engagement and wedding rings will be special to you, and there are plenty of ways to update your jewellery as you and your partner grow through life together. From customised ring designs to simple tweaks such as engraving, let’s take a look at some of the different ways that you can add your own personal touch to your wedding jewellery. 

A lifelong commitment

The overall cost of a wedding in the UK soared last year, reaching an astounding £30,355. Tying the knot is no cheap feat nowadays, and the financial commitment has increased by 12% compared to what it was in 2017. For this reason, couples are choosing to spend less on their initial engagement ring — opting for a ‘place holder’ first and choosing something a bit more extravagant at a later date. 

Couples decide to adjust their wedding rings for a number of reasons, with incorporating heirloom jewellery becoming increasingly popular. Often, inherited items are not worn due to the personal value which is attached to the piece, but sentiment can be greatly increased when couples choose to upcycle an existing piece to create a new engagement or wedding ring. No one could imagine throwing a piece of gold, or a diamond, out because it didn’t fit or suit them anymore — and jewellers are on hand to remedy this with bespoke designs and a bit of creativity. Even factors such as lifestyle changes can require a ring to be modified, with the health-conscious among us opting to make their rings more ‘gym-friendly’ or, even suitable for the workplace. The connection that people have to an engagement ring is extremely personal, but a range of things can influence them into choosing to adapt it, for practicality and taste reasons.

Customising the gemstone

Modifying the stone is also a popular option when it comes to customising jewellery. Many couples do so to mark a major milestone in their relationship, such as an anniversary or perhaps having a child. Some people simply want to make their ring a bit more special, and by doing so you have some freedom to account for your own personal style. If you’re looking for a subtle way to upgrade your ring, consider beginning with diamond accents on the sides of your centre stone, as these can add a reasonable amount of added sparkle while allowing you to keep your original diamond. 

It is possible to entirely transform the style of your engagement ring with some modifications, such as adding multiple diamonds to create a three-stone ring. With this option, you aren’t limited to the look that you can create, as potential combinations could include coloured gemstones such as rubies or sapphires for a vintage feel. Many couples choose to keep things simple and celebrate a financial, life, or relationship success by simply replacing the centre stone with a larger diamond. Embellishing your current diamond with a halo of stones is another stunning way to add to your ring, but you might also be tempted to completely transform the setting of your ring, making it more tarnish-resistant and durable. 

Customising an heirloom

Many families choose to pass their items of antique jewellery down through the generations, and it is an extremely poignant way to commemorate and symbolise a close bond. The possibilities are endless with making existing pieces of jewellery into new items, and they can be incorporated in various ways. 

Heirloom rings can be remodelled into new pieces of jewellery, but it is also possible to preserve some of the originality of the item, while also breathing a new lease of life into it. The setting of the ring can be adjusted and combined with one or more new stones. It is important to consider your own style if you are repurposing a ring in this way, as it’ll be a vital aspect for everyday wear of the ring. Resizing is a common element in the process of repurposing an inherited ring, and this can be done without compromising the integrity of the item in its original condition. 

If you don’t want to entirely reset the ring, you might want to consider mixing metals into the piece, choosing tones which complement the existing features while allowing you to put your own unique touch on it. Stacker rings have become increasingly popular recently, so another option which maintains some of the original features is to create a way to showcase your heirloom by utilising other rings. When combined, a stacked arrangement looks flattering and individual, and you can make your inherited piece the focus. 

What does your wedding jewellery look like? and if you aren't married or engaged what does your dream engagement ring look like? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my wedding-related posts?

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