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by - 23 May

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We all have to make decisions in life. Decision making is what steers our lives in the right direction and takes us along a path that suits us and keeps us as happy as we can be. Now, some decisions are harder than others. Some will take much longer to implement and feel the benefits of. But all in all, it’s important that you consistently make the right decisions in order for us to feel as happy and content as we can. The good news is that there are various things you can do to help yourself along the way. Here are just a few pieces of advice that can help to guide you in the right direction!

Take Things Slowly

There’s really no need to rush when it comes to most things in life. We may feel like things are propelling forward at a really fast rate, as many other peoples’ lives change quickly in front of our eyes. We look at people we vaguely know jumping from one big life step to another - moving in with partners, getting married, having kids, buying their own houses… the list goes on. But it’s important to remember that a lot of what’s posted on social media is posted through a rose coloured filter and you don’t see the negative aspects of these people’s lives. Most of us go through hardships, dips, lower times and other problems - we’re just more likely to keep these moments of our lives more private. So, don’t feel rushed because others’ lives seem to be progressing quickly. Five people on social media consistently posting big life steps may make you feel that “everyone’s moving forward” and leaving you behind, but really, the majority of people you know are probably at a similar stage to you and just keeping quieter about it. Take your time when it comes to anything major. Don’t feel pressured. Things will happen as they’re supposed to and you can’t rush them! If things come up that you need time to mull over, take the time to mull over them! Relax, take a moment, lie back in a hammock if you have to.

Prioritise Yourself

Unless you have dependents, such as children or pets, you should prioritise yourself and your own wants and needs when making your big life decisions. Sure, this may sound selfish at the outset. But when it comes down to it, this is your life and you need to live it in the way that you feel is best. Way too many of us allow our lives to revolve around others and their wants and needs. This can particularly cause problems down the line when you look back on years and feel a sense of loss or bitterness on having missed out on the things you wish you’d had a chance to do. So, put yourself at the top of your priorities!

Change Things That Bring You Down

If there’s something bothering you in your life, you can generally change it. This can go for anything. If you’re in a relationship that leaves you feeling drained, down or lacking in confidence, you can always leave and walk away from it. If your nose really bothers you and you simply can’t grow to love it, you can consider non surgical nose jobs with a trained and qualified professional. If you hate your job, you can start searching for a new one and leave. You very rarely have to stay in a situation that is making you unhappy. If you identify that something is regularly bringing you down, simply work to change it. Leave. Move on. Whatever it takes!

Get Some Outside Perspective

Sometimes, it’s easy to get so drawn up in your own situations that it’s difficult to look at them with a neutral outlook. Sometimes, you can really benefit from an outside perspective that can look at the basics of a situation without as much emotional bias as you may be putting in. So, seek this advice. You don’t necessarily have to take it. But it’s good to get a few different perspectives on any situation you’re in. This is particularly important if you’re dealing with something big and significant. For example, friends and family members’ advice can be useful in some situations, but in others, you may need to seek a lawyer’s advice or a counsellor or therapist’s advice on certain serious life situations. Their professional insight into areas of knowledge you may not be all too familiar with can help you to come to the best outcome possible. You can also reach out to helplines or support groups if you’re dealing with issues that you might not want to open up to your friends and family about. No matter what situation you’re dealing with, there’s some sort of support out there - you’re never alone.

Remember You Can Change Your Mind

Generally speaking, you can change your mind when it comes to life changes. You’re not always 100% tied into whatever you settle on. This goes for so many scenarios. If you take a job and turn out to hate it, you can find another one. If you head to university and realise you’ve not chosen the right course for you, you can switch. If you get married and realise they’re maybe not the ideal match down the line, you can get divorced. There’s always a way to change your circumstances and you never have to do anything or stay in a scenario you’ve ended up in. So, don’t place too much stress or pressure on yourself.

These are just a few different things you might want to take into consideration when making any life decisions. Hopefully, some of the advice can come in useful for you at some point or another. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to take things at your own pace and to go easy on yourself!
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