Femme Luxe Loungewear

by - 30 August

 Femme Luxe Loungewear
*AD - Gifted - Items in this post were gifted to me by Femme Luxe. All opinions are my own. 

I'm back again with another Femme Luxe outfit post. This time in the form of loungewear. Over the last few months that is all I have been wearing so here is a look at some of the lovely pieces that I was sent from Femme Luxe's loungewear collection.

First up we have this lovely pink loungewear set which features white stripes across the front of the top, down the sides of the sleeves and across the top and down the sides of the joggers. It also features a zip-up on the top so can be worn both ways depending on what you like. I really love the colour of this set and it makes for such a cute look. It's super comfortable but I did expect it to be more cropped or tighter at the waist as the model picture shows but never the less it's still a great set.

Next up we have this gorgeous robe, dressing gown, housecoat, whatever you like to call them from the sleepwear collection. Now if you know me then you know I'm nearly always wearing my dressing gown in winter so this one will definitely be getting its use. I like to layer it over other loungewear/pyjamas to make myself even more snug and warm. This one features faux fur pockets (we love a good pocket) and faux fur cuffs along with a hood. It's not the thickest dressing gown I've owned but it's probably the longest which definitely makes up for it. 

One of the things about the last few months is that we have had to stay at home a lot more than we normally would have and that made me want to diversify my loungewear game a bit, as I usually wear the same few pieces over and over so when picking these items from Femme Luxe I tried to pick a big variety of items and this set is no exception. It's this two-piece with some black shorts and a long sleeve raglan tee with the word Playmate on. This set is very comfortable and makes the perfect pyjamas. I wore it tucked in for this picture so you could see the shorts properly but the top is actually longer than this.

For my fourth piece of Femme Luxe loungewear, we have this grey two-piece set. The top is cropped with an elasticated bottom so it fits nicely around the waist along with a wide neck. The joggers have a decorative tie (It's a non-adjustable waist) and they also have pockets! This is the type of loungewear set that can be worn outside too for a comfy casual look.

High Neck Fleece Dress

Next up, we have what I think is my favourite piece from this whole post which is this amazing fleece high neck dress. It's so warm, thick and soft and will be perfect for winter. The neck can be worn both rolled down or up depending on how warm you want to be and the arms are wide for an added extra flair. It is quite long so can be worn as a dress but I will most likely pair it with some joggers or some fluffy pyjama bottoms for maximum warmth on the coldest nights. It's not fleeced on the inside but is still a mega warm piece. 

For our sixth set, we have this simple black loungewear set which features an oversized T-shirt and a pair of black leggings. This set can be worn either way I have shown depending on how you feel. For the first way, I just tied the hem of the T-shirt together to turn it into this cute crop top and the second is the top just falling naturally. Let me know in the comments below which way you would wear it. 

Last but certainly not least we have this white T-Shirt which features the quote 'There's No Place Like Home' in black text. The good thing about this t-shirt is that it can easily be worn outside as a casual piece as well as a piece to chill in at home. It can be paired with a pair of joggers or even worn on its own if you are quite short like me as its long enough for that. This is the type of piece which can be paired with anything and will look good as it's very versatile. 

Let me know in the comments below which of these loungewear pieces was your favourite and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion posts?

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  1. Femme Luxe are winning the Loungewear game at the moment I swear! I just wish they were slightly more size inclusive! :)

    Grace x