1 Top, 3 Trousers

by - 15 February

*AD - This post contains gifted items.

I'm back again with another 1 piece, several ways to wear post. The last one was 3 Ways To Wear A Satin Green Top. This time around I have an animal print, mesh top which I will be pairing with 3 different pairs of trousers. All the items in this post can be found on Femme Luxe Finery. 

Before we dive into it we have to chat about the top. It's this black leopard print crop top which is structured to give it a gorgeous fit. It has a curved hem and is zipped on the back and is partly see-through so make sure you wear something underneath, whether that's a little bralette or some covers, whatever you feel most comfortable in. I picked it because I feel it will work well with all 3 pairs of trousers. I mean black goes with everything right?!



I firstly paired it with these lovely paper bag skinny jeans. While I myself couldn't get them to look as ruffled as the models, I still really like them. They are high waisted and the belt definitely pulls everything in at the waist to make it look even more flattering as well as giving the jeans a nice extra detail. They fit me perfectly which is generally quite a hard thing to do with me and jeans. Femme Luxe so far is doing well in that department as I have had another pair of jeans from them that also fit me really well and that was mom jeans style! You can't go wrong with jeans and a black top so I think these pieces work perfectly together.

Next up I picked a pair of trousers that are quite out of my comfort zone, these pink shellsuit style joggers. I rarely leave the house in joggers but these ones may change my mind. They are in this gorgeous shade of hot pink and have an elasticated cuff around the bottom of the legs as well as having a tie waist, again to make them look more flattering on my body. They are super comfortable and have bags of space inside. They will be perfect for springtime when the weather warms up slightly as it's a thinner material than other joggers I have come across. Even though they are two completely different styles, I think the top works really well with the joggers and I feel it gives them more of a luxe vibe.

Last but certainly not least we have these belted trousers. They are a more formal style than the other two pairs mentioned and come in this lovely teal colour. The belt is removable so you can wear them without or even add your own belt for a more customised look. These would work really well as work trousers but could easily transition from day-to-night. Again, these fit me well and I think they look really good with the leopard print top. They also come in classic black, hot pink, lime green, stone and white so why not mix and match the belt to the trousers! 

So, which of the three pairs of trousers do you think looks the best with the leopard print top or which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion posts?

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  1. Love this versatile top! I like it paired with the green trousers best. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Absolute favourite is paired with the green belted trousers, they're absolutely gorgeous and it looks like a great outfit to go out for a couple of drinks in :) xo Sarah | Oomph London

  3. so many great items. I especially like that leopard top.


  4. wow I really love how you style this!
    great job!

  5. Love this! I definitely try to think before I buy something, if it will work with what I already have in my wardrobe! x

    Beautylymin | Skincare & Makeup Bundle Giveaway

  6. Seeing it paired this way really shows off the versatility of this top. I especially like how the belted trousers give it a more dressed up feel.

  7. Gotta love a good versatile top! It looks so cute in all three outfits xo

    Makeup Muddle

  8. I love the green trousers, looking for a pair myself. I love how you styled the top too! Very creative! x

  9. All of these bottoms are so cute, I espeicially love the green pair! A great top can really expand your wardrobe!

    Ashlee | https://www.maybeafterbrunch.com

  10. Cute top!

  11. Such cool and versatile top!
    It looks grat with every kind of pants, but my fav is the last combo: looks super stylish!

  12. The belted trousers are my favorite! Always enjoy a tailored fit like that!


  13. So many fun ways to remix this cool top!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. The green trousers are such a lovely colour! I love a X ways to style something posts so this was a fun read :) x


  15. Black boho tops like this are my favorite. And every trouser gives it a different vibe.