Getting Creative in Your Website Upgrade

by - 22 October

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If you have the dreaded “but my website is a mess” fear setting in, then now is the perfect time to do something about it and stop shying away from handing out your websites address when they ask how to find you online.

Nothing stays the same and that should be the case with your website. Here’s a list of things you will want to consider improving and updating in order to proudly share your website with prospective clients.

Keep it Simple, Yet Bold

Let’s be honest, no one wants to read long pages of text on a bland white background.

Why not opt for a bold block colour which complements your brand colours and works as a suitable background for your text. The less detailed the design, the faster the loading time and therefore the higher your user retention.

Having fewer pages also means having shorter snippets of information which isn’t a bad thing. Users will never remember that 600-word essay that took you 2 months to draft up – just use bullet points. Honestly, for things like services, bullet points make it easier for you users to see immediately where and what your services are.

If you’re using responsive web design then you’re already onto a winner as your users are probably going to discover you on their mobiles or tablets, and if your website doesn’t look right straight away they’re going to look elsewhere.

Give Them A Taster

Harnessing the power of augmented reality is a simple an effective layer to latch onto your client’s engagement power. Software on your website can be used to make images interactive, and better help your user to envision your product in their life.

Think about the top dogs for a minute. IKEA use augmented imagery to place the furniture in your home and ASOS makes the most of having catwalk access virtually by uploading 360° videos.

Remember, it’s not just on your website where augmented reality can be used. Think about adding QR codes to business cards so you can directly lead your clients to your website or social media pages. It’ll show that you are up to date and willing to push your business into further with the help of modern technology.

 Let Everyone See Your Business

When you want to get noticed as a business online, responsive web design is the best method to demonstrate you’re up to speed with the latest online features.

When the internet is everywhere, you need to be too. Otherwise you should be upto 90% certain of losing out on business. Stockport website design have decades of experiencing in giving businesses a helping hand upto the top rankings on Google and increasing their social media presence.

Overwhelmed by the thought that your website isn’t good enough to show off? Get the best web development services in the UK with responsive web design.
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