Best Water Sports In Hong Kong

by - 17 November

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Water Sports To Tryout in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for its skyscrapers, temples and shopping malls. But did you know that it is also a hub for water-related activities?

So, if you are a person who loves watersports, go to Hong Kong now by booking flights online. Hong Kong will be a paradise with plenty of water sports and this will become the favourite destination for adventure junkies!

1. Snorkelling

Head to Sai Kung to have an amazing snorkelling experience in Hong Kong. Its clear waters are full of wonders and fish to be explored while snorkelling. To get rid of the haste of ordinary life, a snorkelling experience would be a great option. This is a water sport that is restricted for children below the age of 5. Snorkelling is also practised while doing underwater rugby and underwater hockey. Knowing to do snorkelling is much helpful for rescue teams and treasure hunters. Don’t forget to bring a diving mask, goggles and all your required equipment when you come to Sai Kung. The timings for snorkelling activities are daily from 9.30 am - 5.30 pm.

2. Kayaking

Head to Cheung Chau, paddle along the coastline and appreciate its serene calm nature. Cheung Chau is a pirate island that gifts its visitors with night Kayaking Tours. Isn’t it breathtaking to paddle along a coastline under a starry sky? So, kayaking will be a perfect activity to do with a group of friends or your partner. At Cheung Chau professionals will guide all the beginners for kayaking from basics. While you kayak happily, just insert a glance at bioluminescent algae in the water. Children below 17 years are accepted for kayaking tours with their parents while those below 8 years are not accepted due to safety concerns.

3. Skimboarding

Head to Lu Garden in Hang Hau Wing road if you want to try Skimboarding in Hong Kong. Don’t know what Skimboarding is? Skimboarding is a boarding sport where skimboards are used to slide over water surfaces. Skimboards are much similar to surfboards. Unlike some other watersports, you can do skimboarding throughout a whole day. Brake the waves while gliding across the water. Feel the fresh air while excitement rules you! If you are still a beginner for skimboarding, experts are always ready to guide you. Young children over the age of 13 can engage in this scary but wonderful water sport. Lu Garden is open for skimboarding from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm every day.

4. Canyoning

Head to the wild Ping Nam Stream, which is born by Hula Skirt Fall for a nice canyoning experience in Hong Kong. Canyoning is also called canyoneering. It is a water sport where you have to sail across a steep tail of a canyon. This is an experience that combines both happiness and excitement. Canyoning is included in the list of top water sports in Hong Kong. Those uneven rocks and fast-flowing water on the trail make your adventure more and more interesting. Be prepared with swimming dresses to get wet while your canyoning adventure goes on! Kids below the age of 13 are not allowed in canyoning. Your safety is always ensured by those experts. At Ping Nam Stream, the canyoning experience would be enhanced by climbing over rocks.

5. Windsurfing

Head to the Stanley Main Beach if you are a lover of windsurfing. It is a water sport that combines not only feelings but also sailing and surfing. Windsurfing does not cost much as an activity in Hong Kong and it is very interesting. Stanley beach is a superb spot for windsurfing as it has sufficient winds throughout the day. You can come with your family or friends for windsurfing! This is because just like other water sports centres, Stanley beach too offers experts for windsurfing and other activities who guide all the beginners and help others. Did you know windsurfing is an activity that can be tried even by a kid of 5 years old? So definitely bring your kids. If you cluster all the water sports into a syllabus, windsurfing would be its first lesson. Windsurfing at Stanley Beach is a perfect match for a short weekend full of immense pleasure!

6. Dinghy Sailing

Looking for water sports for kids? Dinghy sailing is the place you were looking for. Check into Hebe Haven Yacht Club of Sai Kung to sail to your heart’s content. It can rejuvenate you and your kids. Teach your kids the power of coordination while giving them a refreshing experience! Those who do not prefer to get into the water can sail around with a troop of dinghy sailors. Beginners will be trained under experts for about three hours and allowed to sail by their own for one hour. Make your child's future more convenient by allowing them to learn how to sail small boats. This is all fun and safe as the environment is sheltered. Dinghy Sailors should always remain dry and warm. Weather conditions are not considered in Dinghy Sailing. Therefore be prepared with accessible clothing that keeps you warm and dry to prevent Hypothermia.

7. Wake Surfing

Check into Tai Tam for Wake surfing in Hong Kong. Wake Surfing is a hybrid water sport with wakeboarding where you will be pulled by a rope behind a sailing boat. Once the wake gets up you will be released from the rope and ride on the steep waves just like surfing. Wake surfing boards have a special design to meet the wakes. This too belongs to the category of adrenaline rushing watersports. Following the instructions given at the beginning can prevent you from getting exhausted easily. But if you feel uneasy while surfing, inform the boaters without any delay as they are ready to help you at any point. Wake surfing doesn't need very high speeds to wake up as lower speeds are also sufficient to get a trill! But be prepared with helmets and other safety gear. 

What is your best water sport in Hong Kong? Let me know below and while you are why not check out more of my travel content?

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