How To Make Your Own Christmas Cards

by - 20 November

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Holidays are coming, holidays are coming (sings in Coca-Cola Christmas theme tune). That's right, it's almost Christmas! So you know what that means? Time to prepare and get in the mood for the season with everything Christmassy, of course. This year I've decided to do some things a little differently. I may not have seen most of my family much or at all this year but I'm still thinking about them, especially in this holiday season. Instead of buying mass store-bought cards that everyone else buys, I'll be making my own! That's right, I'm getting my DIY on. I've decided I'm going to be making my Christmas cards digitally but then printing them off on card to give to my family members. To do this I will be using free fonts from Font Bundles and using the online program Canva to create the designs themselves. So strap in while I show you how to make your own Christmas cards this year.
I started by downloading 6 fonts from Font Bundles. Most of them were Christmas themed fonts and a couple were script fonts. They have a whole section of free fonts in all different styles and they have many other categories including graffiti font, fancy font and calligraphy font categories as well as tons more. Basically, any style you need or could ever want. I then went over to Canva to pick a few templates to edit and add my own spin to. I made 4 cards in total and here they are:

 The first design I made was this gorgeous red design which I think is my favourite of the 4 I created. The template started with the basic red background with the snowdrops across the top and the white circle with the green plant around the edges. It also said Merry Christmas inside the circle and some other text. 

I started by deleting the extra text and changing the basic Merry Christmas font to one called Candish from Font Bundles. This is the candy cane style font you can see. This was also my favourite font I downloaded, as this was the most Christmassy one and I love it! I then added the snowflakes on each of the bottom corners using elements available in Canva. I then knew I wanted something a little extra so I also added the hanging ornaments along the bottom of the text as well as along the top to give it an extra detail and to make it match.

The second design I created is this lighter coloured one. The template originally included the stock photo background and the text saying Merry Christmas along with a few other bits of text. I again deleted those others bits of text to simplify it and make it more my own.

The font I used on this one is also from Font Bundles and is called Cinnamon Sticks which is again another Christmassy themed font. I added the two leaf garlands below and above the text. I didn't add any other elements as, because the background stock photo is already so busy, I didn't want it to look too much. I'd say this one was definitely the most simple design to make from all the ones I made.

 For my third Christmas card design, I wanted to add some photo elements this time around. I thought why not add some lovely photos of some Christmas trees? As I didn't have my own tree up at home yet, I used some stock photos available through Canva but you could definitely take photos of your own tree to add to your design. as Canva allows you to also upload your own photos to use in any of your designs. 

I kept this design pretty similar to the original template. I did slightly change the red colouring on the flowers and the berries to match better with the photos and give them more vibrancy. The original template said Peace On Earth but I changed it to Merry Christmas to keep the same text running throughout all my designs. The font I used on this one is called Naira and is available for free on Font Bundles.

Last but certainly not least. for my fourth and final design I created this cool snow elements card. This one was probably the template I edited the most as originally it had a cat on and said Meowy Christmas to you. Very punny. 

The font I used for this one is called Let's Ski from Font Bundles and it goes so well with the theme of the card. I changed the text to say Merry Christmas and deleted the cat and a wool ball element. I knew I wanted a snowman with it being a snowy themed design so I picked one to place in the left corner. I then decided to duplicate the snowman and flip it to place it in the right corner to give it a more symmetrical look. 

Some of the big snowflake elements were already on the card but I thought the background looked slightly too plain. I added a snowfall element behind everything else to make it look like it was snowing. I turned the transparency down on that element to make sure it didn't clash too much with the text. I think it works really well with how I have it. I lastly added a few extra of the bigger snowflakes to the lower part of the sky to again give it more of a symmetrical look.
So there you have it, the 4 Christmas cards I designed using Font Bundles and Canva. Let me know in the comments below which design is your favourite and whether you are going to have a go making some yourself. I'd love to see what you come up with so please email your designs over to me at and I'll share my favourites in my Instagram stories. 
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