Top Tips To Improve Your Outfit Photos

by - 30 November

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Are you a fashion blogger, influencer or someone who wants to be one, who is struggling to take good outfit photos? Then look no further than today's post where I will be telling you my top tips to improve your outfit photos.  

Choosing A Background 

First up before you think about taking any photos, you need to have a good background. If you are wanting to work with brands then you need your photos to look as professional as possible. It's no use wearing a fantastic outfit if your background is cluttered as this will distract from the clothes you are trying to show, so make sure the area is clean and tidy.
One of the best options is to have a plain wall behind you as that will then give the most focus to the outfit. If a plain wall isn't possible then hanging up a bed sheet will have almost the same effect. 
If you plan on taking photos in the mirror in the form of a mirror selfie then make sure the rest of your room behind you is also tidy and your bed is made as you don't want to appear unkempt and unprofessional and you don't want possibly embarrassing items hiding in plain sight in the photo.

Lighting Options

For me, the hardest part of taking my outfit photos is getting the lighting right. In summer it is much easier to take indoor outfit photos as the natural lighting from outside is much brighter for a lot longer in the day. When you are taking your photos in natural light, try and make sure you are facing the light, that your blinds or curtains are open so that there is as much light as possible coming through. You could take your photos in a room in your house that has the biggest window or numerous windows. If possible and you have one, it could be a really good idea to utilise fixed flat glass rooflights. They are essentially windows that are on your ceiling which lets in so much more light than just a side window. Incorporate both, if possible and your photos will look so much better and more professional.
If natural light isn't possible for you, you might want to invest in some lighting equipment. This could be a softbox or a ring light. A lot of other bloggers, influencers and YouTubers use ring lights as they brighten up the space so much more and really up the professionalism of the content. There are so many different lighting options available so be sure to do your research before you invest in one.

Taking Your Photos

Now, how do you actually plan on taking your photos? We don't all have professional photographers in our pockets to go have photoshoots with all the time, so what should you do?
One of your options would be to get someone to take your photos for you. For example, this could be a boyfriend (also known as an Instagram husband), partner or another family member. You will have to coach them on how to get the best shot, teach them what angles are best, as well as how to work your camera. Why not organise a content day with another blogger friend so that you can both help each other get great content?
The other main option is to use a tripod. Not only are they good for when you are alone with no one there to help you, but they also stabilise your image. Because the tripod is stood up and completely still, the image will be better quality for it. In other words, it's even better than getting a person to take your photos for you. Pair the tripod with a Bluetooth remote and you won't even have to move to click the camera button every time you want to take a photo. Win, win. 

Another one of the options is something I've actually mentioned above. You could take mirror selfies as they don't use any equipment other than your phone as the camera and is easy enough for you to line up and get the right angles. Mirror selfies are quite a big thing on Instagram, so that option would work really well, if that is something you wish to do.

Ways To Edit

My last and final tips relate to editing. Editing can do wonders to your photos, even if it's something as simple as brightening the photos or even sticking the same filter on every photo to make your feed more uniform. There is so much you can do to a photo to improve it.

I suggest downloading a couple of apps and playing around with them to see what editing options you like. There are so many tutorials online on how to edit your photos the best, so look around and do some research on those. A couple of apps that I use are Lightroom which is an easier version of photoshop and VSCO. 

When I edit my photos I tend to up the brightness and the highlights to make the details really pop and I usually pull down the saturation on the yellow colouring as that's what generally makes your photos look a bit blah and dim. Like I suggested above, just have a play around and see what you can come up with.

So, let me know if I've missed any tips out as well as what your favourite tip was in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my lifestyle content?

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  1. I love these tips for improving outfit photos! I always use Lightroom to edit my photos and I love it, it's my life saver! x

    Lucy |