6 Fashion Trends With Femme Luxe

by - 10 January

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I'm back with another Femme Luxe post and this time I'll be looking at 6 different fashions trends that Femme Luxe stock.

Houndstooth / Sleeveless Jumpers


The first trend definitely has to be houndstooth print and an extension of that being sleeveless jumpers. They have exploded everywhere on Instagram and they are so huge at the moment. I have mainly seen them layered over a long-sleeved white shirt dress with knee-high boots and it seems to be the more oversized the better. I, myself paired it with a white shirt dress and I also belted it around the middle, as it looked better on my waist that way. I finished the look off with a black leather headband to give it a slightly more accessorised feel.




 The next trend is also massive at the moment and that is definitely because of our current lockdowns. I am, of course, talking about joggers! Not only can they be worn while lounging around your house but they can also be worn out and about with a myriad of different outfits. They can be kept loungy by pairing them with a sweatshirt or hoodie or why not dress them up and pair with something that's a bit more luxe? I paired my black joggers with 3 different tops to let you see them styled 3 different ways. The first is with a grey graphic sweatshirt which is definitely the most casual of the 3 looks, the second is with a more fitted long-sleeve t-shirt and the third I paired with this checkerboard-sleeved buckle top to give the outfit ultimate cool vibes.




 The third trend is one of my old favourites that keeps coming back around often and that's tie-dye. Tie-dye can be worn in so many different ways and each piece is unique. This tie-dye t-shirt dress is definitely the most eye-catching piece I could find. It features a motorcycle graphic which adds to the cool vibes and is a nice mix of rainbow colours. It is long enough to wear on its own or it can be tucked into trousers to give it more variety.

The motorcycle t-shirt is no longer available on the website so here is the closest thing I can find:


Leopard Print


 The fourth trend is another classic that never seems to go out of style and that's leopard print. Leopard print is, in my opinion, the OG of animal print, I feel leopard print was popular before any other animal print and is definitely the most well-loved. The leopard print dress I'm wearing is a mesh, bodycon dress which means it is sheer. I added a black vest dress underneath to make sure I'm fully covered but white or any nude colours could work just as well. I also added my trusty belt and a headband to give it a more complete look.



The next trend is check prints. Check prints to me are mostly associated with shirts and more recently, shackets but Femme Luxe have branched out and have also included joggers in their check collection. Available in a variety of colours, they can be worn in various ways. I have the navy ones and I decided to try them with the same 2 tops that I paired with my black joggers. I think they work well both ways and they make for the best loungewear pieces.

Zip-Up Tops


The sixth and final trend today is zip-up tops. I feel this is a relatively new trend or at least it is to me. Zip-up tops can usually zip up or down both ways so they can be styled in so many different ways. The one I'm wearing is in a baby blue colour and is a ribbed piece. I absolutely love this top and I'd love to try and style it in many different ways. You may remember that I already had it in black from my 'Mix And Match With Femme Luxe' post. This time around I styled the blue version with a pair of blue embellished butterfly jeans. This gives it a super cute vibe that I love!
 So which trend did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion content?

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