Layering With Femme Luxe

by - 12 November

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I'm back again with another Femme Luxe post and this time I'll be looking at different types of layering with a few Femme Luxe pieces. The 3 pieces I picked this time around are a pink shacket, a grey pair of joggers and a white shirt dress. So let's jump right in.

The first piece we have is this lovely, white shirt dress. The dress features a corset-style waist which is a really flattering feature. It makes your waist look fantastic! For the basic dress look, I paired it with a gold necklace, a gold chain belt and also added a gold and pearl detail headband to give it an extra luxe feel. It is a dress so can be worn on its own but I think I would most likely pair it with some blue jeans or maybe even tuck it into a skirt as it is slightly on the shorter side.

For the second and third pieces, I picked this amazing pink check shirt shacket and these classic grey joggers. I decided to try these pieces together as I figured the shacket can either be dressed up or dressed down and they are very on-trend right now. 
I am absolutely in love with the shacket. I've wanted one for a while so when this chance came along, I took it! It's in this check print featuring the colours black, white and pink. It's a nice thick piece so will be great to wear in autumn and winter. It is very oversized, but again, that just adds to the cosy feel of it. I can also confirm the pockets on the shacket are real! That's never a bad thing either.
 I now have these exact joggers in two colours, these grey ones as well as a pink pair which I featured in my Femme Luxe Mix And Match post. I sized down with these grey ones and I think that was a great choice as they fit perfectly. In fact, I am wearing them as I write this post. They are fleeced on the inside which makes them super warm and cosy and the perfect comfortable piece. I might have to get them in other colours too! 
 I finished this look off with a basic white vest and a basic grey headband for the ultimate casual vibes. 

I then tried layering the pieces a couple of other ways. I first tried the shirt dress paired with the shacket laid open which gave the shirt more casual vibes. I also added the pearl headband to finish off the look.
I then closed the shacket and added my trusty white belt to give it more luxe vibes. I did try this outfit with my white leggings but I wasn't quite sure if that worked or not. I'll have to try it out again in the future. Everyone on Instagram really loved this layered look, even though I was experimenting and I didn't expect it to work but somehow it did.

Lastly, I tried two other layered outfits using a couple of pieces I already had in my wardrobe. The first one I paired it with a sequin sleeved blazer and the second one I paired with a pink knit jumper. I added my white belt with both of these to complete the looks. While I don't think they look as good as the other outfits, they still work really well!

 So, which of these looks was your favourite? Mine is definitely the shacket closed over the white shirt and the belt on top. Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion content?

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