The Ultimate Guide To Cleansing Your Skin

by - 06 March


We all know skincare is important right, but do you know how to get started on a proper skincare routine? Everyone's skin is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. It's all about finding balance and what works best for you and your skin. The basics for an everyday skincare routine are cleanser, moisturiser and an SPF but you can add things such as toners and serums for more advanced, targeted routines. Today I'll be focusing on all things cleansing so, here is my ultimate guide to cleansing your skin. 

Types of Cleansers

There are many different types of cleansers available and not every type will be right for your skin. Before you buy any cleanser or start any type of routine, make sure to read up on the types available to see if they will suit you.

Gel Cleansers

Gel cleansers are known for removing excess oil, decongesting your pores and giving you a deep cleanse. They are best for people with oily and combination skin as they can aid in killing off acne-causing bacteria. They are usually clear and have a gel-like consistency.

Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers are best for dry and sensitive skin and they usually have a thick and creamy consistency. Cream cleansers are usually the most gentle type of cleanser available as they won't harm your skin if it is sensitive.

Micellar Cleansers

Micellar cleansers are water-based and have 'micellar' beads in them which are little oil molecules that attract the dirt, oil and makeup from your skin. They are generally best for people with dry and sensitive skin, as again they are nice and gentle. Micellar cleansers also don't need to be washed off either!

Foam Cleansers

Foam cleansers are good for oily and combination skin as they remove excess oil from the skin. They feel like face wash as they foam up into a good lather but be careful if you have dry or sensitive skin as they can exacerbate it and make it worse.

Oil Cleansers

Oil cleansers are ideal for most skin types and are a good way of removing dirt and makeup as the oil attracts excess oil without drying out your skin. They are more gentle than some of the other types of cleansers available.

Clay Cleansers

Clay cleansers are good for oily and combination skin as they draw out any excess oil and unclog your pores so they are great if you suffer from acne. They are similar to clay masks too.

Bar Cleansers

Bar cleansers look like soap but they are actually quite different. While soap tends to dry out skin, soap bar cleansers are hydrating and moisturising and they are definitely more skin-friendly, especially on the face. Bar cleansers are also better for the environment than other types of cleansers as they don't come in plastic packaging.

Cleansing Tips and Advice

Once you have the perfect cleanser for you and your skin picked out, the next step is to start using it in your routine. Here are my top tips and advice when it comes to cleansing your skin.
  • Start by washing your hands thoroughly before you start to cleanse your skin as that keeps extra dirt away.
  • Always use warm water, too hot and it will dry out your face, too cold and it won't have the softening effects it needs to remove dirt and makeup.
  • Be gentle when cleansing around your eyes. The eye area is the most sensitive and thin part of your face.
  •  Don't be afraid to double cleanse. In fact, it's very much encouraged especially if you have very congested skin from wearing a lot of makeup or if you live in very polluted areas such as a busy city.
  • Cleanse your skin in the morning and again at night for the best results.
  • Use a clean towel to pat your skin dry after cleansing. Never rub as that can damage your skin.
  •  If a cleanser is aimed at sensitive skin, this will generally mean that it is a gentle product and that it will be great for all skin types. Cetaphil has a whole range of gentle products which are great for any type of skin including sensitive skin. 
There we are, there is my guide to cleansing your skin. Hopefully, you have had some of your questions about cleansers answered and learnt something new so take away that knowledge and create the best skincare routine for you.

Let me know below if you would like to see any other skincare guides and while you are here why not check out more of my beauty content?

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