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by - 25 May

*Collaboration post. All opinions are my own.
One of the places in the world that I've always wanted to visit is Canada. With so many provinces to explore, it's a great place to experience and because of that, when looking at Canada holidays, it's best to do lots of research beforehand to make sure you can fit in as much as possible on your trip or multiple trips. So, in today's post, I'll be talking you through my Canadian bucket list.

Whale Watching on Vancouver Island

 Is whale watching on Vancouver Island on your bucket list like it is mine? Well, then you are in luck because there are so many different places you can go whale watching on Vancouver Island. From the East side of the island, you can go from Victoria, River Campbell or Port Hardy and on the West, you have Ucluelet, BC Gulf Islands, Discovery Islands and Tofino. See many different types of whales including humpbacks, orcas, grey whales and more, what's not to love?


See the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has always been at the top of every single one of my bucket lists, so of course, it also has to be on my Canadian bucket list. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Canada is between October and March but they can be seen in the summer months in certain places too. The best places to see them are Whitehorse in Yukon, Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Iqaluit in Nunavut, Kuujjuaq in Quebec, Banff in Alberta and Churchill in Manitoba. Be sure to do some research to find the best place and the best time to go for you.

Visit Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is a set of islands in an archipelago at the westernmost edge of Canada. It is often referred to as the edge of the world and has a beautiful temperate rainforest. It is mostly untouched by the modern world (you won't find any big hotels, chain stores and fast-food franchises here) and is a testament to the Haida people who have lived there for 14,000 years. It is the best place to go if you want to experience the remote wilderness and reconnect with nature. You will find centuries-old totem poles in the remains of the Haida Nation Village and if that doesn't reconnect you, I don't know what will.

Visit Parliament Hill

If you want to visit something slightly more modern that represents Canada then visiting Parliament Hill might be for you. Parliament Hill is where the offices for the members of Parliament are based as well as the House of Commons and the Senate. They are 3 beautiful buildings that sit on a 170-foot 'hill' that are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. With a free guided tour, you can explore Canadian history and find out more about their political systems.

Try Poutine

Now onto the food. One type of Canadian food I've heard about that I'd love to try is Poutine. It is basically a pile of chips with gravy and cheese on, sounds simple enough to make yourself but I'm sure it would feel much more authentic to try some proper Canadian Poutine when visiting.

Try Maple Syrup

Another authentic Canadian food item I would like to try is maple syrup, again while maple syrup is available to buy worldwide, it's definitely not the same as trying it fresh from its country of origin. Yum, yum.

Eat at Tim Hortons

Last on the list of Canadian foods I'd like to try is Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is a classic fast-food joint that serves coffee, doughnuts and more classic fast-food items such as burgers and wraps. It is definitely a Canadian staple. While over here in the UK, we now have our own Tim Hortons open, it's just not the same as experiencing the original over in Canada itself.

Watch an Ice Hockey Game

The first-ever ice hockey game was played on March the 3rd of 1875 and where was that? Canada of course. Ice Hockey was developed in Canada and is one of the most recognisable sports they play. When I eventually make it to Canada, I would love to go and watch one of their games live and soak myself in the atmosphere, so much better than watching it on TV, don't you think? 

Skate the Rideau Canal 

The Rideau Canal connects the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston. It is 202 kilometres (125 miles) long and parts can be skated along in the winter months. It is known as the worlds largest ice rink, the skateway part is 7.8 kilometres long and is free to use and accessible 24/7 when open. It's definitely an experience I'd love to be a part of.

Hike the Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is located near Jasper, Alberta and is a 29.9-mile point-to-point trail. Most of the hiking area is located above the trees so it features some absolutely beautiful views. It does have some challenging weather conditions above the treeline so make sure you are well prepared and research beforehand.

See Niagara Falls

I think one thing that is on many peoples bucket lists is a visit to see Niagara Falls, right? It's definitely on mine. Niagara Falls consists of 3 waterfalls, 2 of which are actually located in the USA and 1 in Canada which is the most famous horse-shoe shaped one. They can be accessed from both sides of the border and definitely make a great day out.

Experience Inuit Culture

If you want to experience what the Inuit people experienced then you can go on an Aboriginal Culture Tour. The main one is the Inuit Culture and Wildlife tour in Nunavik. Available all year round, it is a 4-7 day experience where you can try things such as carving workshops, learn to build igloos, go on a polar bear safari, experience the Katadjak throat singers along with much more so you can learn about the culture, traditions and stories as well as learn how this group of people survived for over a thousand years in one of the most unforgiving climates on Earth.


Try the CN Tower Edge Walk

A bucket list item for the adrenaline junkies now. This one will see you walk around the edge of the CN Tower in Ontario hands-free! You will, of course, be strapped up to make sure you are safe but you are effectively walking around an 1168ft (116 storeys) building with no fences or bars to protect you. This one sounds a lot of fun and is something I'd love to try on such an iconic building.

Go Dog Sledding

Something I've always wanted to try is dog sledding. Every time I see a movie with dog sledding involved, I've always wished I could give it a go. Well, that is possible in Canada. With many dog sledding tours around in many of the provinces and territories in Canada, it is a wonderful experience to try. Make sure to do some research beforehand as most of the dogs are treated well but of course, there will be some tours that will try and take advantage so you want to make sure the one you pick will be treating their dogs humanely and ethically.

Take the train across Canada

Last, but certainly not least, another thing I'd like to try in Canada is to take the train across it. With many breathtaking views, this is the best way to get around to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. With many different train journeys and tours available, be sure to pick the right one for you so you can see exactly what you want to see and experience while you are there.
 What would be on your Canadian bucket list? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel posts?

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