Experimenting with my Style with Femme Luxe

by - 02 June

*AD - Contains gifted items.
You should know by now how much I love Femme Luxe, my wardrobe is bursting with their items, so, of course, today's post is going to be another Femme Luxe post. This time I'll be talking a little about experimenting with my style and how Femme Luxe comes into that.

Joggers Outside of the House

A few years ago I would have never considered leaving the house wearing a pair of joggers, even to walk the dog but ever since Covid and all these lockdowns, that has changed. Not only because I now own SEVERAL pairs of joggers that I didn't before but also because it is now socially acceptable to wear them outside the house. With so many different options available, joggers can really make an outfit pop, especially fun, coloured ones. Pair them with a nice top and some accessories and you have an outfit right there.


Tracksuit Sets

On the same subject as joggers, next up we have tracksuits. In the past, I would have never worn a tracksuit set especially, again, outside of the house. I always felt like they made me look a bit shapeless or dumpy or just that they didn't look good on me, that is until Covid came along and I started living in tracksuits. Now they are a part of my everyday wardrobe. They are literally the best for ultimate comfort levels and adding a necklace and some rings give the tracksuit some luxe vibes.
Tracksuits are also super versatile as each piece can be worn with so many different things to create looks. Hoodies paired with jeans is a classic outfit and like I mentioned above pairing joggers with a nice top works really well.

Knitted Sets

Another set now, this time in form of knitted sets. This one I'm wearing above features a long-sleeved jumper and a midi skirt but knitted sets can come in various ways such as a vest and some shorts or even a bralette with some knitted trousers too. These have been pretty big trends the last couple of winters and I hope they stay that way as they are a new take on knitwear. Again, because they are sets, they can be worn together or can be mixed with other pieces which makes them very versatile. I'll be trying to find more ways to wear knitted sets going into the next winter.


White Tops

Lastly, we have white tops and I don't mean white t-shirts, I mean more dressed up white tops. I never used to wear white tops, as for one I was always scared I'd get really dirty and two they often tend to be see-through which is not something I'm a fan of. I have managed to find a couple that aren't see-through though which is why I'm starting to wear them more often. The good thing about white tops is that they are so versatile, they can be paired with anything. The one I have picked for these outfits is this lovely balloon sleeved, cropped, zip-up corset top and I tried pairing it with plain jeans, patterned jeans, leather trousers, joggers and a denim skirt. I think it works well with all these options and just proves how versatile a piece it really is.

Let me know below which of these outfits from this post is your favourite and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion posts?

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