Life Skills to Help Teenagers Live a Healthy Life

by - 01 June

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If your perception of a healthy life wholly revolves around the absence of disease, then you’re wrong. Your overall health is about more than just the absence of infections. But, your physical and mental state or social well-being are all critical to living a healthy life. And these apply to you and your teenagers or family at large.

It may not be true to all, but most parents have found it hard to help their teenagers cope with life. Most teenagers are battling many challenges that bar them from achieving their full potential of a healthy life. Adolescence and dealing with sex, peer pressure, poor decision-making, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and lack of self-control are among the leading problems teenagers face.

When these challenges are not managed, or when the teenagers are not well equipped with healthy life skills, most of them would lose track of their expectations. Therefore as a parent or guardian, you should ensure you teach your teenager the necessary life skills to help them face the real world or live a better life. Otherwise, there is a good chance they’ll struggle to cope with life.

Here are some of the essential life skills that would help your teenager live a healthy life.

Emotion coping skills

For a long time, the medical community and people thought that emotions like depression and anxiety only affect adults. However, that's not the case. The risk of depression, anxiety, or stress is more rampant in teenagers than in adults.

What could be the reason?

Adults may have known some of the best ways to handle their situations or emotions. And that's not the same with teenagers. In them, emotions like sadness, loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety would spike suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Therefore, parents and guardians should ensure they help their teenagers deal with whatever emotions they have. Show them the best ways to react to different emotions. And most importantly, teenagers should know that suicide is not the solution to their feelings. But instead, a discussion would help them move past their feelings to a healthier life.

Decision-making skills

It’s normal for teenagers to worry about fitting into specific groups. And most teenagers are fond of making decisions based on their peers. Most of which might not be healthy decisions. Besides, it's easy to find out what kind of teenagers your child is associating with significantly when their characters and behaviours have changed towards the negative.

Therefore, teenagers need to learn and master the decision-making skills to help them recognize teen pressure when the pressure helps or hinders them. Also, you can teach your teenager how to develop their individuality.

Additionally, it would be best if teenagers develop creative and critical thinking skills. All of which would help them think differently should they be under the influence of their peers. They may also know when they're getting into problems and apply the right decisions to understand and address them.

Healthcare skills

Personal healthcare or healthy habits are essential life skills that your teens should have. Of course, as a guardian, you must have been responsible for most health decisions. However, it would be better to understand how important it is to care for their bodies and minds.
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Therefore, teach your teenagers to take a more active role in taking care of their health. And more so, teenagers should master self-control skills. They should learn to stand up for themselves, learn how to self-diagnose, how to address wounds, and how to check their temperature. Also, let your teenagers know how to conduct basic first aid techniques and CPR in case of emergencies.

Additionally, teenagers should be aware of the effects of substance abuse on their health and prioritize always going for regular STD screening and testing. In other words, coach your teens to be their health advocates.

Finally, train your teens to live a healthy life by showing them the importance of a healthy diet and maintaining a suitable environment for their health. 


Social skill

How your teens address different people would determine what kind of life they want to live. But to live a healthy life full of blessings, they must learn the manners that would help them in different social set-ups.

Therefore, teach your teens the best communication and interpersonal skills to enable them to work or socialize with other people without exchanging words which may put them at risk. It would be best if they know how to develop and maintain relationships. Also, let them know when to say, "thank you, please," and other etiquettes.

Budgeting skills

Indeed, your teens know about money. But how best can they manage it? Most teenagers can have money but may spend all of it buying what they may not even need. However, frustrations will hit them when they have finished everything but have no other means to survive.

Therefore, it’s best to show your teenager how to manage money and live within their budgets. This would help them make the right choices and reduce frustrations that might strike them in the absence of money.



You may have taken your teenagers to the best schools ever. But academic skills are not all they need to have a healthy life. They must couple their academics with the best life skills like effective social, personal healthcare, emotional coping, and decision-making skills to have a better and healthy life.
What other life skills do you know that would help teenagers live a healthy life? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my lifestyle posts?

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