Making Your Wedding Day Special

by - 19 July

It is important to make your wedding day special for both you and your guests. If you want to be able to make it special, then it is very important that you start planning early. It can take months of planning and preparation just to make the day perfect. Keep reading to find out tips on making your wedding day special.

Pick a colour scheme 

Colour schemes can set the mood of a wedding. The tone of the event, whether it is formal or casual, can be conveyed through colour. Moreover, colour schemes create a sense of unity in decor and stationery.

Most modern-day weddings are themed around a single colour scheme. Some popular themes include black and white, dusty pink, lavender and sage green.

Choosing a theme for your wedding is an important decision because it sets the tone for your event and affects almost every aspect of your planning process including invitations, flowers, decor items like table runners or floral arrangements etc. Make your wedding special by choosing an unusual colour scheme, no matter what it is as long as you like it then that's all that matters.

 Finding a wedding venue

Finding the right venue for your wedding can be a difficult task. The first step is to narrow down your options and figure out what kind of venue you are looking for. For example, if you want something more intimate, a small restaurant or outdoor location may work well for you.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something more grandiose with lots of guests and a bustling atmosphere, then an event hall or hotel may be the best choice. 

 Your third option could be looking abroad for a wedding venue, destination weddings are a huge thing nowadays and not only will it create amazing memories, but it's also a mini holiday in itself. Of course, you will have to look at current restrictions to see if it's possible to travel to whichever country you may choose.

Once you know what kind of venue would suit your tastes best, it's time to start contacting them about availability and prices and getting it booked in.

 Find the perfect bridesmaid dress

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress can be a difficult task. You want to find something that will complement your dress and suit all of your friends’ tastes. I will go over a few different things you should keep in mind while browsing for dresses for your wedding party.

There are two main types of dresses - short and long. Short dresses generally come in three styles: strapless, one-shoulder, or strappy back. Longer dresses often have more embellishments and more fabric at the bottom, which allows you to tie them up if they are too long.

If you want an affordable dress that is also on-trend right now, then silk maxi dresses are perfect for your bridal party! Maxi dresses also offer a lot of versatility and they are one of the most elegant choices for bridesmaid dresses.

Oftentimes prom dresses make the best choice for bridesmaids dresses and it's always possible to find a prom dress to suit you or your bridesmaids.

Download apps to share your wedding photos

Mobile apps that allow you to share your wedding photos are a new trend. People share their special day online with family and friends after the event.

There are many reasons why people would want to use mobile apps for their wedding day. One is they can share the photos with those who couldn't make it to the wedding so that they can still feel included in the celebration. Another reason is that people like having a tangible memory of their event or experience, which is why some users like taking a photo of the food they ate at the wedding reception as well. It's all part of the experience and you should definitely look into wedding photo sharing to get the most out of your wedding photos.

Create your own wedding invitations

  Creating your own wedding invitations can be a very rewarding experience that also gives you the opportunity to create something personalized and unique. Wedding invitations are an important part of the wedding planning process. They can make or break the first impression of your big day, so it's important to take the time to create your own just the way you want them.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking for something simple or more elaborate, there are plenty of tutorials and templates available online that will help you get started. Check out Canva as they offer a really easy way to create wedding invitations right from their app or website and they even have templates to work from! Not only will it save you time creating them from scratch but it will also save you money as you won't have to hire someone to create them.

There are so many ways to make your wedding unique and special so really look into your heart to see what you want and make it your own! While you are here why not check out more wedding-related posts?

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