Exciting Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by - 11 April

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of those places that you just have to visit. Whilst many people travel around Southeast Asia, a lot of travellers can be found around Thailand and Vietnam, and Malaysia isn’t the most popular place to visit. That being said, there are still a lot of tourists visiting the country throughout the year (although the wise ones try to avoid the monsoon season) and if you’re heading over here, then Kuala Lumpur has to be on your bucket list. Sure, head to the islands for some snorkelling, but until you’ve seen this stunning metropolis, you haven’t experienced an important side to Malaysia. Here’s what you can do there!

Go up the Petronas Twin Towers
One of the most striking things in the skyline of Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Twin Towers, and there’s a reason why they will immediately catch your eye. Not only are they the tallest twin towers in the world, but the Islamic architecture really sets them apart from the rest of the skyline. You can go up the towers if you really want to see the city in all of its glory, and the best time to do so is in the evening, just before the sun begins to set. There are 88 storeys to these buildings, so it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted (or those who are terrified of heights). Needless to say, though, it offers a completely unique view of the city below!

Explore the Batu Caves
Whilst the Batu Caves are one of Kuala Lumpur’s most visited tourist destinations (and one that you may want to avoid if you’re not too much of a fan of the tourist trap), it’s certainly worth seeing once in your lifetime if you can brave the crowds. These limestone caves are absolutely breathtaking, and if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the huge 42-metre gold Hindu statue, and the temple, certainly will. Enjoy the rainbow stairs up to this beautiful religious hub, and check out Nadi Bangsar if you want to stay nearby. If you really want to experience something exciting (albeit busy), then visit when the Thaipusam Festival is on.

Take a trip up the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower
For those who can’t get enough of those buildings offering an impressive view of the city, the KL tower is certainly worth adding to your list. This is the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world (so again, not for the faint-hearted) but there’s a lot going on up in the rotating pod. The revolving restaurant is very popular amongst wealthy diners, and there is also an observation deck, and a mini zoo and aquarium at Menara. This is a particularly good place for couples to visit, so make sure that you book yourself a table at the revolving restaurant, and enjoy the views with your loved one. The ‘sky box’ with its glass floor is a must for thrill seekers.

Shop at Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang is the most popular place for shopping in Kuala Lumpur, and it’s jam-packed with entertainment and clubs, too. A lot of travellers go on pub crawls here, but it’s also known for its extensive range of Chinese seafood and other delicacies, so if you’re hungry, you should definitely head over here. There’s no need to stress about the language barrier, as you can literally point at pictures on the menu to order what you want. No stress, great food, high-end shopping… is there anything else that you really need for a fun-filled day in the city? There are also plenty of happy hours around Bukit Bintang, which are worth taking advantage of.

Visit the Sultan Abdul Samad Building
The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a 1800s government building, and the architecture is simply stunning. Showcasing some of the most beautiful gothic and Western influences, this is one part of Kuala Lumpur that will take you right back into the past, amongst a skyline that is constantly subjected to new skyscrapers and modern buildings. It also has important historical relevance as it was built by the British colonial administration, which is the reason why the Independence parade begins in Merdeka Square, right in front of the building. If you’re interested in history, and you’re a lover of architecture, then take a trip here to find out more about this interesting place.

Go to the National Mosque of Malaysia
Situated amongst more than 12 acres of beautiful gardens, the National Mosque of Malaysia is certainly a sight to behold. Not only is it big enough to fit in 15,000 worshippers, but it’s also an extremely striking building and one that represents Malaysia’s newfound independence (when it was built back in 1963). Whilst it’s a good idea to turn up here wearing appropriate clothing, you can borrow a robe for your visit to the mosque, and it’s open to tourists when the locals aren’t praying. It has quite a modern look for a mosque, and one that you may not have experienced in your travels before, so definitely try to stop by.

If you’re thinking about heading out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then why not add a few of these things to your bucket list? This city is certainly one of the most beautiful places that you can visit, and you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the cultural and historical things that you can do here (as well as all of the shopping opportunities, and the delicious food, too…). If you’re heading out to Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam are definitely worth planning into your trip but make sure that you don’t miss out this gem, and you’ll be glad that you added it to the list. Don’t forget to check out Borneo, and Malaysia’s other beautiful islands (and forests) too, if you want to experience a different side to the country!

Enjoy your trip (if we’ve convinced you to head out there), we’re totally not jealous at all… Not. One. Bit.

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  1. I have been to Malaysia several times and I could not agree more with you I love the country and there are so many attractions many you have highlighted here Great post xoxo Cris

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  3. Kuala Lumpur definitely has enough interesting stuff for a few day visit!

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  4. What a good place to be tour.

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