4 Ways To Sell Your Clothing

by - 28 June

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Do you own a tonne of clothes that you aren't quite sure what you want to do with? You don't want to throw them away but you just don't know how else to get rid of them? Well, look no further than today's post. I'm going to be going through 4 ways to get rid of your clothes without sending them to a landfill and you might even make some money in the process!

Charity Shops

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First things first. Charity Shops. There are numerous charity shops dotted around nowadays that are always looking for donations. Personally, this is the main way I get rid of my old clothes and I am actually due a clear out. I generally like to donate to local charities that are not-for-profit but ultimately it's up to you which charities you want to support. Recently I've been doing a fair bit of shopping in charity shops too, so it could almost be like a swap, you donate your old stuff and buy some from them. Supporting them twice in one go! 

If you are in need of a little money from your old clothes then you can also sell bags of clothes to certain places. It might be something like £5 for a certain amount of kilograms which will then be sent on to be sold in charity shops. H&M do a similar thing to this which is worth checking out if you shop there regularly.

Clothing Swaps

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This is basically where you take unwanted clothing of yours to an event and swap them for new items. There are loads of places that run these events, so it's worth searching around online to see if there is any upcoming in your local area or you could even set up your own event. You could invite family, friends and even people in your local area and get everyone to bring unwanted clothes along. You can set a few rules such as swapping 1-for-1 piece and get a whole new wardrobe in the process.

Sell Them Online

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If you are in need of money and the clothes you no longer want are in great condition then you can also sell them on websites such as eBay or apps such as Depop. I have personally used both of these places in the past and would definitely recommend. Both are super easy to set up, just take photos of the clothes, enter all the details and bam, your item is ready to sell.

Other places you can sell online are Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Preloved, Vinted and Poshmark.

   Your Own Brand

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And if you are that dedicated to selling clothing then you could start your own clothing brand. After setting up your own online store, there are a few different ways you can find stock, you could buy from wholesale brands such as J5 Fashion which basically means buying the pieces in bulk packs then listing them on your site and sending them yourself.

There is also dropshipping which is slightly similar except you list the item on your store, someone buys it and then you make the order from a dropshipping site. The third option is to design the clothes yourself and create them through a manufacturer or the last option is to create a design and upload that to somewhere like Society 6, where they create numerous items from your design to sell on to people. You will get a cut but a smaller one than starting your own line.

There is tons of information on Google about starting your own clothing business online so definitely read up before jumping into anything as is there are so many ways to do it. Starting my own clothing brand is something I have been considering for a while and will hopefully be happening soon so watch this space.

So which option is the most appealing to you? Let me know in the comments below how you sell/get rid of your clothing and also let me know if you have started your own clothing brands. While you are here why not check out some of my other fashion-related posts?

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  1. this was soooo helpful!! thank you for putting this post together - definitely need to go through my closet and clean it out for the new season!
    xx jen

  2. These were all helpful tips. With the fast and cheap fashion nowadays it's always useful to know how to donate unwanted clothes.


  3. I used to sell my clothes many years ago on ebay, it's a great place to sell old items!!


  4. This is super informative dear! Thanks for these suggestions.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  5. I'm thinking about selling some clothes online, that seems like the best option to me.


  6. Ah so many great ideas here! I had not heard of clothing swaps, very cool.. I would have to really look in to the selling your own clothing after the huge LulaRoe controversy.

    Allie of

  7. I love that there are so many different ways to resell your clothes without taking much of a loss. Thanks for sharing!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  8. This is a really helpful post! There are so many avenues to go down when it comes to selling clothes!

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk